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  • Compact Two-Way Radios

  • Compact Two-Way Radios


XR150 Compact Two-Way Radio

XR150 Ultra Compact Two-Way Radio

The most compact business class radio you can get for this price!

Nothing else gives you this much performance and durability in such a small package for such a low price.

Perfect for retail stores, small schools, light warehousing, hospitality and those looking to upgrade from the XTN, CLS & CP110 radios.

Icom F14 / F24 Two-Way Radio

Icom F24 01 RC Handheld Package with Rapid Charger

If you want to purchase an Icom radio and upgrade from the F11 or F21.
Icom F50 / F60 Two-Way Radio

F50V-F60V - Waterproof Handheld Package with Smart Rapid Charger

If you want the smallest, lightest radio available, or require a radio that's waterproof. It also has extreme 2 tone capability, making it the only choice for firefighters that cover multiple cities.