Ritron JBS Economy Base Station

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The JobCom Display Series Wireless Intercom / Base Station is a cost-effective way to keep members of your staff that stay in a fixed indoor location in constant two-way radio connection with the rest of your employees. Typically employees that work in a defined area, such as the machine shop, the reception lobby or customer service area, do not require their own portable radio, but they do need access to a radio.

The JobCom Base Station doesn't get borrowed, dropped or stolen because it can be permanently mounted to a desk or wall. It does not require batteries since it operates on 110 VAC (or 12 VDC with optional adapter).

And when you eliminate the headaches of replacing lost or damaged portable radios, you increase employee productivity and eliminate replacement costs.

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The Ritron JBS-146D VHF/446D UHF Desktop Base Station is specifically designed for jobsite communications. Use it as a base station, mobile radio, or intercom. Perfect for any situation where a stationary radio is required or when multiple users in a common area need radio access.

What's Included:

The Ritron JBS-146D/446D is a compact (110 VDC) desktop base station, intercom, or special application (12VDC) mobile radio and features:

  • 2 Watts of Power
  • 10 Channels
  • Built-In Mic with Automatic gain Control
  • Loud and Clear Audio Output
  • Rugged Metal Housing
  • 18 / 20 User Selectable Frequency Codes
  • 51 User Selectable Quiet Call Codes
  • Audio Accessory Capability
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Compatibile with
  • Icom F11
  • Icom F14
  • Icom F21
  • Icom F24
  • Icom F3001
  • Icom F3011
  • Icom F4001
  • Icom F4011
  • Kenwood TK-2400
  • Kenwood TK-2402
  • Kenwood TK-3400
  • Kenwood TK-3402
  • Motorola BPR40
  • Motorola CLS1110
  • Motorola CLS1410
  • Motorola CP100
  • Motorola CP110
  • Motorola CP125
  • Motorola CP150
  • Motorola CP185
  • Motorola CP200
  • Motorola RDU2020
  • Motorola RDU2080
  • Motorola RDU4100
  • Motorola RDU4160D
  • Motorola RDV2020
  • Motorola RDV2080
  • Motorola RDV5100
  • Motorola RMM2050
  • Motorola RMU2040
  • Motorola RMU2043
  • Motorola RMU2080
  • Motorola RMU2080D
  • Motorola RMV2080
  • Motorola XU1100
  • Motorola XU2100
  • Motorola XU2600
  • Motorola XU2601
  • Motorola XV1100
  • Motorola XV2100
  • Motorola XV2600
  • Motorola XV2601
  • Pro Series CDM850
  • Pro Series CP199
  • Pro Series CP220
  • Pro Series CP240
  • Pro Series CP260
  • Pro Series HT700
  • Pro Series HT850
  • RCA BR200
  • RCA BR250
  • RCA BR300

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