Motorola CP200 Comparison

The Motorola CP200 has been a popular radio for many years because of its size, durability, and simple features. Over the last few years the RCA BR250 has been giving the CP200 a run for it's money as the most popular 4-watt handheld two-way radio.

The RCA BR250 is completely compatible and talks perfectly with the Motorola CP200. The RCA BR250 comes in 4-Watt UHF and 5 Watt VHF, just like the Motorola CP200. The BR250 is lighter, more compact, and louder than the CP200. Plus, the BR250 has a 3-year warranty while the CP200 just has a 2-year warranty. Most importantly, the BR250 costs 20% less than the CP200 radio. That means you can get 5 BR250's for every 4 CP200's you buy.

Motorola CP200 Specifications

Motorola CP200 Batteries

Motorola CP200 Accessories

Motorola CP200 Repair

Motorola CP200 Trade-In

Motorola CP200 Specifications

See the chart and video below for CP200 specs and how the BR250 compares. If you want the owner's manual click here to request a copy.

Features CP200 BR250 Best Choice
Wattage 4 Watt UHF / 5 Watt VHF 4 Watt UHF / 5 Watt VHF -
Channels 16 Channels 16 Channels -
Battery Life 10 Hours 14 Hours RCA BR250
Speaker 700 mW Speaker 800 mW Speaker RCA BR250
X-Sound Clear Audio NO YES RCA BR250
Dimensions 3" W x 6" H x 2" D 2.17" W x 4.69" H x 1.3" D RCA BR250
Weight 12 oz. 9.5 oz. RCA BR250
Warranty 2 years 3 years RCA BR250
Price $250-$290 $199 RCA BR250
Watch the RCA BR250 vs. Motorola CP200 Comparison Video
Motorola CP200 Batteries

All of our batteries come with a 1-year warranty. We carry a variety of Ni-CD, Ni-MH, and LI-iON batteries for the CP200. Below are our most popular models. For a complete list of Motorola CP200 batteries click here.

Motorola CP200 Accessories

We carry a large inventory of CP200 accessories like speaker mics, chargers, surveillance kits, and holsters. Call 800-895-5122 to see which accessory is right for you.

Motorola CP200 Repair

We repair Motorola CP200 radios for a flat-rate cost of $75 per radio.

The flat-rate repair includes:
  • Parts and labor
  • UPS 2nd Day Air return shipping
  • 30-day warranty on all repairs

You can download our repair form here, or call our repair department at 800-895-5122 x250.
Motorola CP200 Trade-in

We will give you $50 off the cost of a new RCA radio if you trade-in your old CP200. Watch the video below to learn more about our Cash-4-Clunkers program.

If you have any questions about the RCA BR250 radio please call us at 800-895-5122.