Motorola HT750 Comparison

Warning! Before you buy another two-way radio...

Find out why... customers are switching in droves from Motorola to RCA.

"We had Motorola and we found the RCA BR250 radio to be louder, clearer, easier to use and more dependable. We like RCA's longer warranty because radios can break and this helps us work within our budget cuts."

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"Clearly, buying the RCA BR250 radio from Discount Two-Way Radio was a smarter choice!"

Randy Logan, Inventory Manager
Charlie's Produce Triple B Corp., Seattle, WA

Discover how this two-way radio delivers beyond Motorola CP200... for less money!

When you push the button to talk, with this small, durable, easy-to-handle BR250 two-way radio, you'll realize you have the perfect tool to help maximize your productivity.

The right people will get your message to respond immediately!

As you listen to the sound quality, you'll notice you can hear every word with crystal clarity whether the person speaking is located throughout the warehouse, other buildings, or across the campus.

And... every department - receiving, shipping, procurement, and transportation can communicate on their own dedicated department channel, while a separate channel remains reserved for notifying security, safety or maintenance about urgent matters.

After looking at remarkable value...

  • 60% Louder with advanced X-Sound Technology
  • Every word is crystal clear
  • Smaller, less bulky... Fits easily in your hand
  • More Channel Capacity - 16 at no extra charge
  • Longer warranty: 3 years instead of 2 years
  • Works perfectly with your existing radios
  • Plus we'll program your frequencies for FREE!
  • FCC 2013 Narrowband compliant
  • Ships today, so you can start using it tomorrow.
  • If your radio breaks, we'll repair it and ship it back immediately
  • And a lot more...
  • Available at a bargain - only $199!
Features CP200 Best Choice
Dimensions 5" x 2.4" x 1.75" 4.69" x 2.17" x 1.3" BR250 is smaller, less bulky & fits easy in your hand.
Weight w/ Standard Battery 14.98 oz 9.5 oz BR250 is 37% lighter!
Channel Capacity Basic Model:4
Advanced Model: 16
16 BR250 has more channel capacity, standard!
Rated Audio Power Output 500 mW Speaker 800 mW Speaker BR250 is louder and crystal clear with X-Sound!
Standard Battery Capacity 950 mAh NiCD 2000 mAh Li-ion BR250 has 53% more capacity - More talk time!
Radio Warranty 2 years 3 years RCA has best warranty in the industry!
Competitive Street Price (includes battery, belt clip, charger, antenna & programming) 16 CH. VHF $275
16 CH. UHF $285
16 CH. VHF $199
16 CH. UHF $199
BR250 - Amazingly better value!
Average Ship Time From Your Dealer 14 days Immediate Start using your BR250 tomorrow!

or call 800-895-5122 to order!