Emergency Portables

Emergency communication equipment is designed to be ready and working during a natural or man-made disaster.

Whether it's a hurricane, earthquake, flood or a security situation, power goes down, cell phone networks get overloaded and it becomes very difficult to maintain communication during these critical situations.

Two-way radios work on direct radio to radio communication, so as long as you are within range, they will continue to work when the power is out and the cell towers are overloaded.

We offer clam shell battery cases for when the power goes out and you cannot charge your normal batteries. These cases allow you to use standard AA Alkaline batteries. As long as you have spare AA batteries on hand you will be able to communicate.

  1. EP250 Emergency Radio Package

    Emergency Radio Package with AAA Batteries.

    The best selling radio by RCA in an Disaster Preparedness set-up, powered by 6 AAA interchangeable batteries in a compact battery clamshell. No Chargers Needed, Just "AAA" Batteries! Ready-To-Use When You Need It Most!

    Works with
    • Kenwood TK-2400
    • Kenwood TK-3400
    • Motorola BPR40
    • Motorola RDU4100
    • Motorola RDV5100
    • Vertex VX-351
    Ideal for
    • Emergency Responders
    • Disaster Preparedness
  2. EP250C6P Emergency Communication Kit
    RCA Emergency Communication Kit w/ Watertight Protector Case and 6 EP250 Radios
    Works with
    Ideal for