Motorola RLN4922A Surveillance Kit

Complete Discreet Earpiece Kit

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Completely Discreet Earpiece Kit; includes wireless earpiece, inductive neckloop, 6 spare batteries and 5 spare ear wax guards. Remain discreetly in touch with this miniaturized receiver. All messages received through the users two-way radio are inductively relayed to the wireless earpiece in the users ear. Inductive neckloop is easily hidden under the users clothing for covert operations. Neckloop attaches to the users Motorola Surveillance Kit providing completely discreet two-way communications. Security operatives, public safety officials, and private investigators can communicate with ease without any visible equipment. Small as it is, it offers a full range of audio functions including automatic squelch, automatic gain control and noise filtering. Must be used in conjunction with a Motorola Surveillance Kit. Just remove the earpiece on any standard 2 or 3-Wire Surveillance Kit and plug in the Neckloop for completely discreet communication.
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Item Type Surveillance Kits
Brand Motorola
Warranty 1 year
Accessory Connector Type X23 Multi Pin Motorola XTS
Bluetooth No
Earpiece Type Ear Bone
Earpiece Wire Option 1 Wire
Intrinsically Safe No
VOX Capable No
  • Motorola GP1200
  • Motorola GP900
  • Motorola HT1000
  • Motorola HT600
  • Motorola MT1000
  • Motorola MT1500
  • Motorola MT2000
  • Motorola MTP200
  • Motorola MTP300
  • Motorola MTS200
  • Motorola MTS2000
  • Motorola MTX-LS
  • Motorola MTX800
  • Motorola MTX8000
  • Motorola MTX838
  • Motorola MTX900
  • Motorola MTX9000
  • Motorola MX800
  • Motorola P210
  • Motorola SSE5000
  • Motorola XTS 3500
  • Motorola XTS1500
  • Motorola XTS2500
  • Motorola XTS3000
  • Motorola XTS4250
  • Motorola XTS5000