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SPECTRA conventional mobile radio... When advanced two-way radio communication is important. When you need durability, easy operation, and fast lock scan capabilities all at one affordable price, the choice is simple... SPECTRA radio.

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CALL: 800-895-5122

Please Call for Information: 800-895-5122

The technologically advanced Spectra radio offers you broadband capabilities, providing true multiple agency, department or fleet communications anywhere within the appropriate range. The radio features an alphanumeric display which allows you to name channels in plain English. The control unit's ability to display names and numbers adds a visual information dimension. The result... operator time is spent productively rather than on training.

The Spectra radio can accommodate a multitude of changes quickly and inexpensively. When mode names, scan lists, or frequently used parameters need updating, they can be changed via the front control panel on most Spectra models. Each Spectra radio is built to withstand harsh environments such as blowing rain, salt fog, sand and dust. The radios conform to MIL STD 840E, the Department of Defense's most pass Motorola's own stringent Accelerated Life Test, which simulates five years of intensive field stress. You are ensured durability and reliable communications, whether you work in heavy construction, tough emergency situations or demanding public service environments.

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