Otto V2-R2MG5112 Speaker Mics

Original Otto Revo NC2 Noise Cancelling Speaker Mic | 3.5mm earphone jack | IP68

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Revo NC2 features unprecedented noise canceling capabilities and user-friendly features at a very competitive price, making it ideal for daily use in applications including public safety, industrial environments, and rugged performance and optimum voice reception.

Revo NC2 includes an accessory jack for discreet listening with earphone kits and an optional emergency button. The ergonomic slim profile is comfortable to use, comfortable wear.

Revo NC2 is the new standard in high performance remote speaker mics. 
  • Revolutionary noise canceling performance provides industry-leading voice clarity
  • 3.5mm earphone jack 
  • Optimum voice reception 
  • IP68 rated - Fully sealed against water immerson
  • Large PTT design is easy to find by touch
  • Ergonomic slim profile 
  • High / low volume slider switch is unobtrusive and intuitive
  • 360 degree rotating clip with positive detent stops every 45 degrees
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    Product Type Speaker Mics
    Brand Otto
    Warranty 3 years
    Accessory Connector Type X03 Two Prong Right Angle Motorola, RCA, Relm, PRO
    Bluetooth No
    Earphone Jack 3.5mm
    GPS No
    Intrinsically Safe No
    IP Rating IP68
    Quick Disconnect No
    VOX Capable No
    • Alpha One APR100
    • Motorola AXV5100
    • Motorola BPR40
    • Motorola CLS1110
    • Motorola CLS1410
    • Motorola CP100
    • Motorola CP110
    • Motorola CP125
    • Motorola CP150
    • Motorola CP185
    • Motorola CP200
    • Motorola CP200-XLS
    • Motorola CP200d
    • Motorola CT150
    • Motorola CT250
    • Motorola CT450
    • Motorola CT450-LS
    • Motorola DTR410
    • Motorola DTR550
    • Motorola DTR650
    • Motorola DTR710
    • Motorola DTR720
    • Motorola EP450
    • Motorola GP300
    • Motorola GP350
    • Motorola GP88
    • Motorola GTX
    • Motorola GTX-LS
    • Motorola GTX800
    • Motorola LTS2000
    • Motorola P110
    • Motorola P1225
    • Motorola P1225-LS
    • Motorola P200
    • Motorola PR400
    • Motorola PRO1150
    • Motorola PTX600
    • Motorola RDU2020
    • Motorola RDU2080
    • Motorola RDU4100
    • Motorola RDU4160D
    • Motorola RDV2020
    • Motorola RDV2080
    • Motorola RDV5100
    • Motorola RMM2050
    • Motorola RMU2040
    • Motorola RMU2043
    • Motorola RMU2080
    • Motorola RMU2080D
    • Motorola RMV2080
    • Motorola SP10
    • Motorola SP21
    • Motorola SP50
    • Motorola SP50+
    • Motorola VL130
    • Motorola VL50
    • Motorola XTN
    • Motorola XU1100
    • Motorola XU2100
    • Motorola XU2600
    • Motorola XU2601
    • Motorola XV1100
    • Motorola XV2100
    • Motorola XV2600
    • Motorola XV2601
    • Pro Series CP220
    • Pro Series CP240
    • RCA BR200
    • RCA BR200D
    • RCA BR300
    • RCA BR300D
    • RCA RDR2500
    • RCA RDR2550
    • RCA RDR2600