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"Hi Mario, I wanted to thank you for your help with my narrow banding issue. You saved the day. Your response was professional and quick. You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it. You have earned true customer loyalty through your efforts. You have been, and will continue to be, our only resource for all our radio communication needs. Thanks again for all your help. I knew I could count on you."

- Jeff Roberts, Director of Facilities, Villagio Inn and Spa

"Mario, I just want you to know that I appreciate your work and help. You saved this order and kept me calm. You researched the situation, found a solution and saw it through until the end. It's hard to find a company like that - with people like you. Thank you. you have also made me want to spend more money with your company. I found an extra amount of money in my budget and would like to discuss placing another order. Identical order. "

- Lana Hailemariam, Bridgeway Community Church

"My radio just arrived and within 10 minutes from turning it on the duty crew tones went off and my radio activated like it was supposed to. Thanks for reprogramming it. Everything is great and I look forward to doing business with the company for all my radio needs."

- Edward Melant, Morris Fire Protection District

"I deal with a lot of companies through out the United States and abroad. DTWR has the absolute best customer service I have ever seen. I can’t brag on your company enough. Please let everyone in your organization know that we appreciate your quick response in dealing with not only our orders but our repairs. It is just great."

- Lindy Golden, Troy, LLC

"Wanted to let you know we've been using the radios we purchased from you guys and we are extremely happy with the product. These are by the far the best radios amongst the Minesweeping ships out here forward deployed. We truly appreciate it."

- LT. Danny Nin, USS Defender

"Thanks so much for your prompt response. Were very happy with the new radio."

- Arthur DeLeon, The Aerospace Corporation

"We received our purchase of 40 two way radios and couldn’t be more happy with the whole process. Anthony did a great job explaining to me about the products and I felt very comfortable making a choice on radios that suited our needs. The radios were delivered quickly, the savings was great, and the product is tremendous."

- Tom Schultz, UMKC

"Thank you for your excellent service and I am really liking Discount Radio."

- Steve Ferguson

"Thanks!! I am impressed with your speedy repairs as well as the email updates. Keep up the good work!"

- Brian Cruze, ALC-Collegedale

"Keep up the good work. I believe your service is doing a great job getting our orders back to us in the quickest allowable time possible. We work in very harsh conditions and rely on our radios extremely. Thanks for helping us get our jobs completed safely. Thank You."

- Shawn Moorshead, Greenbrier Rail Services

"Thomas, Thank you so much. You are the best. Your customer service skills are awesome and I have bragged to others about the service I have recieved with your company. That is the reason I have made additional orders with you and Discount 2way radio. I hope to continue business with you in the future whenever I need anything pertaining to my radio equipment. Thanks again."

- Tony Hinson, Spencer Police Department

"We really appreciate how easy and painless this was to take care of from here in the midwest, St. Louis Missouri. Thanks again for the quick and professional service."

- Lee Ferrenbach, Gateway Land Services, Inc.

"Jessica, I just wanted to take a few minutes to comment on our recent order of the RCA BR950 Two Way Radios. We received the radios quickly, just as you promised. As you are aware, we are looking to gravitate to a new radio for our workers and the two units were purchased as evaluation units for use in the field. I am happy to report that even though we are still in the evaluation process, our workers seem to be very pleased with the performance of these units. The radios are rugged, and well built and personally my favorite features thus far are the exceptional battery life and extremely loud and clear volume. These features are very important in our line of work. Thanks again for your help and we look forward to working with your company in the future."

- Mike Holmes Sr., G.A. West and Company, Inc.

"Thank You very much! Please also tell Van Burns that I appreciate the time and patience with me on these radios. We will definitely do all our business with your company for future radio purchases."

- Tammy Wheeler, Tommy Bramer and Son General Contractors

"I appreciate your good service and follow-up. I’ve really enjoyed doing business with Discount Radio and would recommend to anyone as well."

- Craig Niermann, First Christian Deacon Leadership

"I just want to thank you for your work on my radio. I am very happy with the service that I received, and I will certainty come to Discount Two Way Radio in the future for my radio needs."

- Matt Hagerty

"Mr. Burns, I have sent our 6 Motorola XTN VHF radios for Marcos to program 6 channels compatible with the RCA BR950 we ordered; I included a short letter to him explaining what we discussed. I look forward to receiving the radios and completing our emergency plans but my reason for this email is to tell you directly that I am most appreciative of your willingness to discuss our situation and to offer the optimal solution to our communications needs. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your company. I do not know whether our future needs will require additional radios or service but I can tell you that I will discuss, with my friends and anyone who will listen, my positive experiences with each employee of your company with whom I have talked, and I will strongly refer your company to any and all people who will listen."

- Robert Westbrook, Irvington Town Council

"I think your approval and update process your company has is awesome and keeps the customer well informed! Great work! Thank you!"

- Slade Horacek, C-SPAN

"I have to say I took a chance on the RCA radios and I can't believe how good the range is on the handheld. I have a project at the Orlando airport. If you have ever been to a airport 2way radios don't work well without a repeater well I can talk to all 4 of my crews spred out the Airport which I could not do with my icom or Motorola radios in fact I was able to talk to my forman from home depot 6 miles away while he was in the belly of the bagroom with the handheld. The base is currently in my truck which increases the range have gotten up to 10 miles if the handheld is outside on uhf. I'm very happy. So with that said I have a number of projects we are working all at airports I'm looking to replace all my icom with The RCA BR950. Thank you for the fast service and responding to my concerns and questions."

- Andy Neil, JSM and Associates

"Thanks for your excellent communication and customer service, keep going."

- Israel Jordan, Edwards Lifesciences Technology Sarl

" Good Afternoon Danny, Thanks I was just checking on the status of the Charger, and wanted to let you people that you RMA and Repair system is one of the best I've had to work with. Keep up the good work. I will be purchasing from you in the future. Now days it's hard to find good companies to work with, and yours seems to be one of the best."

- Bobbie Hill, USDA FS NCSC

"I'M IMPRESSED !!! Thanks a million for the super-reasonable prices/etc."

- Jack Sandow, Rural Security South

"Just want to let you know that your service is so wonderful. I really appreciate it."

- Walter Goc-ong

"Thanks for being so accommodating. Have a great day."

- Debe Hambright, South Carolina Dept. of Transportation

"Ben, I wanted to thank you for doing the work on our call box. It is attached to the wall about 20 feet up and working fine. Thanks again for taking care of us and I will definitely be doing business with you again."

- Gary Drinkman, Herdsman Feeds Inc.

"Thank you very miuch. I got it back today. Very good service as usual."

- Kate Schmidt, CST Corp

"Anthony, I placed my order today and have already received my shipping number from UPS. Your web page was very easy to use. Who ever you have doing your page did a great job. Thanks."

- Skip Morrill

"Van, Just an update. The radio system is up and running. It working beyond our expectations. We have complete coverage in the building and all around the town of Fresno. Three of us took a radio home with us last night. I live in the north west area of Fresno. My house is 10 miles from the repeater. The other person lives in NE Fresno that's about 10 miles or more. The best part the 3rd person that took a radio home lives east of Fresno up in the mountains. We were able to receive and transmit up to 30 miles before we lost contact.. Great job and thanks."

- Joseph Archacki, GSA

"Thank you for all your good work. Keeping in touch with me and e-mailing your findings has been very helpful and well appreciated. Will always send our work to you and have mentioned you to others. Thank you."

- Richard Dones, Thousand Trails

"Mario, We just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the performance of the radios at this time. We will let you know down the road how they hold up. Thanks again for the great price and service."

- John Gunther, Roy Jorgensen Associates

"Thank you Danny, as always, Discount Radio made it good. You guys are great, and I just told some other companies about you. Hopefully, you'll be getting some new sales off of it. I'll push from my end."

- Don Temple, Guadalupe River RV Resort

"Thank you Alex. Wonderful customer service. Have a great weekend!"

- Julie Greenberg, SpeakerCraft

"I just felt it was necessary to inform you that your website was one of the easiest to navigate through than any other website I have used. From the time I placed my order to the time you informed me by email that my order was shipped was a matter of hours and not very many of them either. OUTSTANDING service, EXCELLENT delivery time, and it arrived as I had expected it would in excellent condition. I will return to your website and make future purchases that's my guarantee. I also passed on your web address to the other personnel in my shop when the need arises for them. I realize that this was a very small and insignificant purchase compared to other orders your company deals with but I was never made to feel that it was and I thank you for your outstanding service and customer support."

- Gary Bourrioux, Alpa Technologies and Services Inc

"When I called about our two way radios I had very little knowledge of what i needed. Anthony Challenger was my salesman,he took the the time to explain what the different radios did and what I needed to use for the job we did. we are very happy with our new radios and I was very happy with Anthony."

- Lucky S.

"Thomas Bram has been great to work with. He knowledgeable about your products and listen to our needs for radios and was helpful in our decision on the radios that would best meet our needs. About a month ago we purchased 6 of your BR250 radios and were pleased with the quality and range of the radios. Last week we purchased 6 additional BR250's with a 6 unit charging station for our security team and plan on purchasing more in the future."

- John C.

"My last order was exceptional, i was handled very quickly with professionalism and recd my radios without delay, that is something i can appreciate."

- Shirley A.

"Great first experience with Discount two way Radio! We had been using another company for many years, but realized they were trying to sell us more than what we wanted of needed. I Called, ordered, got the equipment and it worked... nothing else to say except, GREAT JOB!"

- Brian A.

"They called me about my order just to make sure my order was correct. Ended up I ordered a wrong part so it saved me problems."

- Mike McLendon, McLendon Hardware

"Great customer service, received a phone call confirming the order and received a better recommendation from them based on my actual needs, very happy with the product I received."

- Jose Gregorisch

"Two orders so far. Both shipped the same day I placed the order and arrived the next day."

- Google Checkout Customer

"Excellent! Site is easy to navigate. Merchandise was shipped immediately and received well within the expected time frame."

- Google Checkout Customer

"I would definetly do business with this co. again. Fast shipping, excellent pricing, and great communication. They will remain on my favorites list."

- Paul S.

"I have purchased from these folks multiple times with great service every time. Products are quality and shipment is prompt. I will continue to do business here."

- Google Checkout Customer

"Excellent customer service. I originally ordered the wrong battery; completely my fault. Discount Two-Way Radio made the return easy and the credit was prompt. My correct battery was shipped quickly. Could not ask for better customer experience!"

- Jerry S.

"Not one problem, it was exactly what was described, maybe a tad more. Great people to do business with, quick shipping."

- Ronald D Handke

"Excellent customer service. I originally ordered the wrong battery; completely my fault. Two-Way Radio made the return easy and the credit was prompt. My correct battery was shipped quickly. Could not ask for better customer experience!"

- Jerry A Shepardson

"Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. The information pages to help find the right battery for my equipment was so appreciated. I did not have to guess at what I needed."

- Empress J. Vick

"I received what I ordered when promised. I can't ask for more."

- James D Puglise

"Recently we purchased several radios and had a little trouble programming two radios and I would like to thank Alex and Marcos for all the time they spent helping me. They were very professional and helpful."

- David Trentham

"Thank you for all your good work. Keeping in touch with me and e-mailing your findings has been very helpful and well appreciated. Will always send our work to you and have mentioned you to others."

- Richard

"I got the best service from you"

- Eileen

"I want to let you know that we are very happy with the radios! They have a great range and the features are more than we will ever use. Thank you and your company for all of the help with our radio purchase. You will be the first company we call with future radio purchases!"

- William L. Steinberg

"Thanks so much for all your help! I appreciate your cheerful and zealous efforts to get things "right". Thank you."

- Rea Pope

"Thank you! Your treatment of me as a customer was GREAT!"

- Robert Beck

"I was relieved to hear that this radio can be reprogrammed for $15.00. It is indeed a pleasure doing business with you folks! Thank you very much for all your help. Once the new repeater is in place we should be able to show that 2 watts is more than adequate."

- Richard F. Ashley, Ph.D.

"Not only do you have awesome prices, but your products are awesome too. I can hear the heavy-duty VX10 Speaker Mic through my breathing apparatus. I tell everybody that the gear I bought from you has already been through six fires, and still coming back for more!"

- Matt Hannon

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say that we received the mobile two-way radios last week. They arrived in perfect condition and were programmed as per our conversations. I want to let you know that we are very happy with the radios! They have a great range and the features are more than we will ever use. After installation in the trucks we put them to the test and they performed beyond my expectations. Due to the terrain we were able to transmit and receive at 45 miles as the crow flies! Thank you and your company for all of the help with our radio purchase. You will be the first company we call with future radio purchases!"

- William L. Steinberg

"You guys are so easy to work with. I never have a problem getting anything I need in a hurry from Discount Two-Way Radio."

- Chief Jason Sands

"I am so glad I found Discount Two-Way Radio. I was tired of getting overcharged and receiving substandard service from my local dealer. You are twice as good and charge half as much. Thanks for making my two-way radio headache go away."

- Marc Steverson

"Thank you for finally making radios affordable for EMT's and Volunteer Firefighters who have to purchase their own radios."

- Tony Faucett

"Doing business with Discount Two-Way Radio has enabled us to purchase more radios than I could ever from my old Motorola dealer, and my budget has been cut by thirty percent. So far I have found no sacrifice in quality and your warranty is phenomenal. Thank you so much!"

- Linda Ruff

"Just wanted to thank all of you for the help in helping me choose the right radio for me."

- Benjamin T Brown III

"We went through four radio companies who were either too big, didn't care, or just couldn't get it right. Thanks Discount Two-Way Radio for finally giving us a radio company we can count on for all our two-way radio needs."

- Terry Sprague

"The Sanyo ultra-high capacity 2700 mAh batteries for my Motorola Saber radios are incredible. They last forever, and I paid practically nothing compared to what I am used to paying from Motorola direct. I will be ordering an additional 100 next month. Thanks for your help."

- Jonathan M. McGivallary

"Thanks for repairing our broken radios so inexpensively after our Motorola dealer told us they couldn't be fixed. Having to purchase only 28 new radios instead of 37, helped us come in under budget. That's never happened with our radio budget before. Thanks for all your help. I'll be sure to tell every school in our district to do business with Discount Two-Way Radio."

- Jeff Albert

"Thank you ahead. Your attentiveness and patience is very much appreciated. I feel the radio I am buying is great but it was you, not the price, that made the sell. I would have bought a used radio instead of tolerating a poor attitude from someone. Thankfully, you were professional and even went a little further."

- Lee White

"A very special thanks to all who helped us getting our radios. Thanks for rushing and being so kind when we kept calling back."

- Debbie Cox

"Forced to increase security since the September 11 tragedy, I have really appreciated your products and service more than I have over the last few years. I could never trust my two-way radio system to any other company except Discount Two-Way Radio."

- Albert Deleon

"I have purchased from these folks multiple times with great service every time. Products are quality and shipment is prompt. I will continue to do business here."

- Ed Welsh

"Requested a recommended radio for our needs. Received info promptly and upon purchase was correct and worked extremely well. Upon ordering, order was processed and received in a reasonable expected timeframe."

- Samuel J Taylor

"Fast and accurate!"

- Kathy Barberousse

"The service was excellent, every one was very clear in letting know what they wanted from you, and completed your order when they said they would."

- Sylvester J. Bontiffe The Osbo

"So far great!!!!!"

- Montgomery Co. Rural Fire

"Great Item."

- Freddy Tavarez

"Website is easy to navigate, simple checkout and I received my shipment quickly!"

- Robert Phillips

"The process was simple and to the point. Everything was made clear before I placed my order and they did what they said they would do. I am perfectly satisified."

- Keith Williams

"Fast shipping."

- Jeffrey H Noles

"Quick delivery. One of the batteries wouldn't charge. I gave them a call and they sent a replacement right away. Great service."

- Tim J Herring

"It arrived when they said it would and the price was in our price range."

- Arleen M Saulsgiver

"Very good. Arived quickly. Product was just as described and is working fine."

- Valley Transit

"Product was as advertised and shipped promtly."

- Brian K Aegerter

"Had a product problem and it was promptly resolved."

- Tim Crawford

"Good to Go!!!!"

- Curtis L Bunts

"Complete and Prompt!"

- Thomas A Lawell

"I would definetly do business with this co. again. Fast shipping, excellent pricing, and great communication. They will remain on my favorites list."

- Paul G Smith

"Excellent transaction very efficient."

- Phillip Greenberg

"Product as expected and shipped quickly."

- Robert Mechler

"You guys are best quick delivery."

- Gloria M Flores

"Very easy to order from and received item very fast!"

- MDUSD Valle Verde

"Excellent, I'd definitely buy from this seller again."

- Matthew Delallo

"It was great fast delivery and the sale person wonderful. Thank you for everything"

- Nelsido Abreu

"Good product, quick service, excellent correspondance. I would definitely use again."

- John Kerber

"This is the second time I've ordered from Two-Way Radio and both times the service has been great!"

- Erv Fluty

"Great service,Fast shipping, Product as discribed "

- Randall Shaw

"Prompt delivery. Good service."

- John M. Noonan

"The headsets I ordered ended up not having the correct connection that I assumed would work with my model of Motorola walkie talkie, their phone support was very helpful and made returning the purchase easy."

- Mark D Morgan

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