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ASTRO brings you true full function digital technology in 2-way radio communications systems. The result is exceptional performance and a vast array of features that will give you a totally new perspective on the way you communicate.

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  • Multiple modes of operation in a single radio (ASTRO digital clear and encrypted, Analog, and SECURENET encrypted operation)
  • Project 25 capable on Conventional systems
  • Project 25 compliant interoperable voice signalling features
  • Project 25 data capable on Conventional systems
  • Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver (12.5, 25/30 kHz)
  • High quality, error corrected digital voice
  • High speed and embedded digital signalling (ASTRO)
  • VHF, UHF and 800 MHz Bands capable
  • ASTRO Ready – analog only operation (optional)
  • Adaptive power control extends battery life
  • Enhanced encryption capability (optional)
  • Meets Mil Specs 810 C, D, E
  • Programmable switches/buttons

  • Please Call for Information: 800-895-5122

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