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The XTS 3500 portable radio is a welcome addition to the XTS family because it gives you maximum performance even in some of the most radio-adverse urban environments. The XTS 3500 portable radio has many key enhancements specifically designed to meet our customers' needs. The XTS 3500 radio is a fully digital conventional portable that can deliver consistent audio quality to even the fringes of your coverage areas. The digital technology improves signal integrity to maximize clean, clear communications.

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Motorola XTS3500 Features

While the XTS 3500 has many features found in the XTS 3000 radio, its three models offer the following additional features:

  • Multiple modes of operation in a single radio (digital clear or encrypted, analog clear or encrypted)
  • Project 25 capable on conventional systems
  • Project 25 compliant interoperable voice signaling features
  • High quality and error corrected voice is provided
  • Motorola's FLASHport technology makes it easy to change and grow with software
  • Meets Military Specs 810, C, D, E

Motorola XTS3500 Key Capabilities

  • The XTS 3500 radio is an ASTRO radio which allows you to operate in either analog or digital mode, or eventually migrate entirely to a digital system.
  • Operates at 12.5, 25 or 30 kHz channel bands to comply with today's spectrum standards.
  • Delivers consistent audio quality across more of the coverage area - digital technology minimizes missed or garbled messages.
  • Offers both single and dual encryption when there is a need for confidential communications. It also lets you segment different secure teams within your organization by using one of the 16 optional encryption keys.

Please Call for Information: 800-895-5122

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