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Icom A16 Aviation Handheld Radio

Ground to Air Radio with Class Leading 1500 mW Powerful Audio

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  • 1500 mW loud audio provides clear communications
  • 6 W (PEP) /1.8 W (carrier) RF output power
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for Hands-Free Operation* Available on A16B upgrade
  • Large capacity battery pack provides 17 hours* of long battery life
  • Compact, waterproof and  durable body(IP67/IP54 and MIL-STD-810-G
  • LCD and key backlight for night time operation
  • Compatible* with third-party aviation headsets
  • Auto Noise Limiter (ANL) for noise reduction
  • Side Tone function
  • Internal VOX capability
  • 200 memory channels with names up to 8 characters
  • BNC type antenna connector


The A16 is the ideal flight companion for the student pilot. This radio practically pays for itself by saving pilots both engine hours and fuel during preflight communications with the tower. Users appreciate the A16’s compact, waterproof design for one hand operation for working on the flight line, using it for back up in any aircraft, or for use by ground crew. Its 2400mAh Li-ion battery lasts over 17 hours and the radio includes a nice sit in rapid charger

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The bright back lit screen and keys allows a user to clearly see the keys and screen on the aviation radio in the dead of night. With waterproof casing, the A16 is ready for any storm. Most import is safety & the ability to communicate between each other. The extra loud audio helps make sure messages are received in even the loud airport enviroment.


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5.11 Tactical
Accessory Connector Type
X30SA Two Prong Right Angle Screw In Icom Aviation
X30SA Two Prong Right Angle Screw In Icom Aviation
Digital Radio
Frequency Range
108-137 MHz, 118-136 MHz
108-137 MHz, 118-136 MHz
Intrinsically Safe
IP Rating (Dust and Water)
Radio Display
Radio Keypad
Radio Power
6 Watt VHF
6 Watt VHF
Recommended Industry
Airports & Airlines
Airports & Airlines
Original Manufacturer Part Number
Radio Model
Icom A110, Icom A120, Icom A120B, Icom A14, Icom A14S, Icom A16, Icom A210, Icom A22, Icom A220, Icom A23, Icom A24, Icom A25
Icom A110, Icom A120, Icom A120B, Icom A14, Icom A14S, Icom A16, Icom A210, Icom A22, Icom A220, Icom A23, Icom A24, Icom A25
Radio Model A16

Frequency Bands



RX (Weather)

118.000–136.99166 MHz

108.000–136.99166 MHz

161.650–163.275 MHz


Number of memory channels 200 channels
Channel spacing 8.33/25 kHz
Type of emission 6K00A3E, 5K60A3E, 16K0G3E (Weather)

Current drain (approximately)

Tx High

Rx Max. audio/Stand-by

1.8 A

650 mA/65 mA typical

Antenna impedance 50 Ω (BNC type antenna connector)
Operating temperature range –10°C to +60°C; 14°F to 140°F

Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)

52.2 × 111.8 × 34.1 mm
2.1 × 4.4 × 1.3 in (with BP-280)
Weight (approximately 257 g, 9.1 oz (with BP-280)
Output power (at 7.2 V DC) 6.0 W (PEP), 1.8 W (carrier)
Audio harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at 60% modulation)
Spurious emissions More than 46 dB*
Frequency stability ±0.4 kHz
Intermediate frequencies 46.35 MHz (1st), 450 kHz (2nd)

COM: Less than 0 dBμ (at 6 dB S/N)
NAV: Less than 3 dBμ (at 6 dB S/N)
Weather: Less than –8 dBμ (at 12 dB SINAD)
Squelch sensitivity (at threshold) Less than 0 dBμ, Weather: Less than –5 dBμ
Spurious response More than 60 dB (AM), More than 30 dB (FM)
Ham and noise More than 35 dB (at 30% modulation)
Audio output power
   External speaker
   Internal speake
1500 mW typical
More than 350 mW
(AM 8 Ω 60% modulation at 10% distortion)
Ext. speaker connector 3 conductor 3.5 (d) mm
* Except operating frequency ±62.5 kHz in 25 kHz channel spacing.
Except operating frequency ±20.825 kHz in 8.33 kHz channel spacing. 
Measurements made in accordance with FCC Part87.
All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. 
Applicable U.S. Military Specifications
Standard MIL 810G
Method Procedure
Low Pressure 500.5 I, II
High Temperature 501.5 I, II
Low Temperature 502.5 I, II
Temperature Shock 503.5 I–C
Solar Radiation 505.5 I
Rain Blowing/Drip 506.5 I, III
Humidity 507.5 II
Salt Fog 509.5 -
Dust Blowing 510.5 I
Immersion 512.5 I
Vibration 514.6 I
Shock 516.6 I,IV
Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D, -E and -F.
Ingress Protection Standard (IP Standard)
Dust and Water IP67/IP54
Brochure / Manual

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Icom BP280 Battery
Icom FAB02AR Aviation Antenna
Icom MB133 Belt Clip
Icom BC123SA 51 Power Supply
Icom BC213 Single Charger

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