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RCA ANH3500U-S 450-500 Handheld Radio Antenna

A Flexible Antenna that provides Max Coverage!
Part Number: ANH3500U-S 450-500

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Price: $8.40

MSRP: $12.00

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Stubby RCA Handheld Radio Antenna, UHF 450-500 MHz for RCA RDR2500 / RDR2550 / RDR2600 / RDR3500 / RDR3600 / APR100
Product Type Antennas (Portable Radios)
UPC 810036141567
Brand RCA
Warranty 1 year
Antenna Type Stubby
Antenna Band 450 - 500 MHz
  • RCA RDR2500
  • RCA RDR2550
  • RCA RDR2600
  • RCA RDR2620
  • RCA RDR2650
  • RCA RDR2680
  • RCA RDR3500
  • RCA RDR3600

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