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Can You Afford to Wait 30 to 90 Days for Your Motorola Two-Way Radio Repair?

May 4, 2016

Are you sick and tired of waiting more than thirty days for your dealer to fix your two-way radios?

I happen to think that for businesses where radios provide mission-critical support, having to wait this long for service is an outrage.

Let me explain why this occurs, and what you can do about it.

The problem

Motorola’s dealers are primarily smaller “mom-and-pop shops” that do not have the capacity to hold large inventories. They exist mostly as tiny storefronts, backed up by spiffy-looking websites which make them appear bigger than they actually are. Unfortunately, they are assigned territories by Motorola that they are too small to handle. While some might carry a few spare parts to repair the most popular brands and models, their forte is in selling radios — not servicing them. They cannot do a high volume of bench repairs and tend to do them poorly when they do.

Even Motorola’s largest consolidated dealer in the country has this problem -- each rep manages a large territory. So when it comes to getting after-sales support, warranty service, repairs, or a small add-on order? Ha! Good luck and take a number, because they are spread too thin.

While many of these businesses advertise they can service your radios, what they really do is simply ship the products off to the manufacturer itself and let them deal with it.

As you can imagine, each manufacturer gets hundreds, if not thousands, of its radios and accessories to repair in any given month. No matter how many technicians they have, it is going to take a while to get your equipment back.

A better way

The solution is obviously to avoid sending your product back to the manufacturer for repair. This is where dealing with a company like ours has certain advantages.

I like to think of Discount Two-Way Radio as a perfect hybrid of the quick and highly personalized service you get at mom-and-pop shops with the technological prowess to professionally fix any two-way radio like the manufacturers do.

We have:

  • A large complement of well-trained service technicians to get your job done right the first time.
  • No shipping to a factory — we can repair your radios right here so you don’t have to wait forever.
  • Field repairs available — we can go to your plant or office.
  • Fully stocked inventory of parts and accessories to handle most of your service issues right away.
  • Flat rate pricing, which includes free EXPRESS shipping both ways for both paid and warranty service — nobody, and I mean NOBODY, does that in our industry besides us!
  • Ability to fix all major brands including Motorola, RCA, Vertex, Kenwood, Icom, Maxon, Midland, Legacy and more.
  • Warranty on all repairs for your peace of mind.
  • An extremely fast turnaround. We strive to have your two-way radios back so you are up and running WITHIN ONE WEEK (and guarantee 10 days at the latest).

Regarding the last bullet point above: most (not all) of our repairs are completed within five working days.

Call me first

I want a chance to earn your business. Please call us at 800-895-5122 before you ship your radios anywhere else for repair, and let me give you my best offer.

p.s. If you think 30 days is bad, I have heard horror stories about radios taking THREE MONTHS to be returned after being sent it for repair. YIKES!

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