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Common Two-Way Radio Issues and Some Great Ways to Fix Them

Common Two-Way Radio Issues and Some Great Ways to Fix Them
September 17, 2019

This week’s Two-Way Radio tip, Discount Two-Way Radio will show some very common issues we see occur with our customers’ radios, and even more importantly, how to solve them.

There is no doubt about it, two-way radios are important tools for anyone who works in industries like education, construction, warehousing, and facilities maintenance. However, like many things in life, sometimes two-way radios can encounter small issues over time. The good news is that the majority of all two-way radio problems can be easily solved with some simple repair tricks.

If Your Radio Has Poor Audio Quality

Problem: If your radio speaker is weak or sounds muted, it could be a sign that debris has filled the speaker grill. If you use your radio outdoors or in a dust filled environment, dirt and grime can build up around the speaker, creating poor sound quality.

Solution: Try to thoroughly clean the speaker grill regularly or even carefully spray some compressed air around the speaker. This should dislodge tiny dust particles that are inhibiting quality audio. Another good idea is to use some of these professionally made carry accessories to help protect the radio from dust build-up.

Note: Discount Two-Way Radio encourages you to participate in our “Tune & Align” program where we will examine your radios once a year for FREE.

If You Hear a Beeping Sound

Problem: Beeping sounds coming from your radio typically indicate a battery issue. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of all problems can generally be attributed to a battery issue. In this case, the beeping sound means that your battery is almost dead.

Solution: Try re-charging the battery or changing it for another fully charged battery. This should resolve the problem. However, if the beeping continues, it’s a pretty good sign that your batteries need to be replaced.

If Your Radio is Having Trouble Transmitting

Problem: If people are having trouble hearing or understanding what you are transmitting via your two-way radio, there is probably an issue with your antenna.

Solution: The first thing to do is to examine the antenna for any flaws like cracks, bends, or twists. If you see the antenna has obvious damage, it might be time to replace the antenna. Another good idea is to make sure the path is clear from the radio contacts to the antenna, and that the area under the antenna is free from corrosion.

If Your Radio Accessory Pieces Don’t Work

Problem: Two-Way accessories are a great way to improve the performance or usability of your two-way radio equipment. Accessories like surveillance kits help keep your communications more private while also improving the audio quality in loud environments. But sometimes accessories like earpieces or speaker microphones may stop working.

Solution: The first thing to try is to turn off your radio. Then remove whatever accessory piece is not working and try to reattach it before turning the radio on again. (Remember to always turn off your radio before removing parts.) If that doesn’t work, turn off your radio again remove the accessory piece, and clean the contact points with a pencil eraser. The contact points should be shiny and free of any grease or moisture. Now reattach the accessory piece and restart the radio.

Discount Two-Way Radio Free Annual Tune & Align Program

Keeping your two-way radio equipment in top working order is important for keeping your team operating at peak efficiency and in the safest environment. That’s why Discount Two-Way Radio created our annual Tune & Align service, an exclusive preventative maintenance program for all of our two-way radio clients.

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