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The Cost of Safety for Construction Companies

by   |    June 13, 2014

An engineering and construction firm based out of San Jose, CA is well known for saving their clients' money and providing state of the art services.

The California Institute of Technology claims that this firm saved them 28% on energy expenses and 30% on water bills by building them a state of the art laboratory.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says that this firm has helped them reduce their energy consumption by 55%.

Lowering operating costs and providing state of the art services is exactly what this company does for its clients.

So, when the firm’s operations manager looked at what they were spending to rent Motorola radios for their subcontractors, something did not add up.

The high cost of renting their Motorola radios, combined with the fact that these radios were often damaged in the rough-and-tumble world of heavy construction, just didn't make sense.

That’s when the operations manager decided to look around for a more economical, durable and reliable two-way radio option.

At first, he was a little skeptical of other two-way radio brands because he'd never used anything but the high-priced Motorola radios. So when he finally contacted Discount Two-Way Radio our client representative, Anthony Challenger, recommended that the firm should test a few of the other radio brands before making any final decisions.

"I sent him 3 other leading brands of radios to test, including our best selling RCA radio,” said Challenger.

First the operations manager tested the radios’ coverage and found all of them to be about the same. Then he tested their durability and felt that the RCA brand seemed to be the toughest. What finally changed his mind was the fact that the RCA radio was offering a longer warranty than the other radios ...and it was less expensive!

State-of-the-art durability, longer warranty and lowering operating costs is exactly what this firm was looking for.

The operations manager estimates that his decision to buy radios from Discount Two-Way Radio rather than rent radios from any other dealer has saved the firm thousands of dollars over the years, while still providing them with the durability and reliability they need.

Discount Two-Way Radio has been serving the construction industry since 1997 and we know that you need a tough radio to get the job done. Give us a call today to speak to our helpful radio experts about how you can improve the safety and productivity of your job site.

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