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Discount Two-Way Radio’s Service Department Runs Like an Indy 500 Pit Crew

Discount Two-Way Radio’s Service Department Runs Like an Indy 500 Pit Crew
by   |    May 4, 2021

Discount Two-Way Radio has perfected the combination of superior two-way radio service and repair with VIP/concierge inspired customer support for nearly a quarter century. This emphasis on “high-touch” service is not only unique in the world of two-way radios, but also in the world of American business practices in the 21st Century.

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, the decline of customer service in America is at an epidemic level. The author, Jeff Bevis, argues that no matter what type of business is operating out there across the proverbial fruited plain, customers complain about a steady decline in company’s that actually go out of their way to extend the customer service efforts as far as possible.

“Companies just aren’t paying enough attention to providing adequate levels of customer service by phone, online or in person. For the American consumer, substandard service has become the new normal,” said Bevis.

Number One Priority is Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Discount Two-Way Radio recognizes that a lot of two-way radio dealers are more interested in selling products the customer might not need rather than really understanding what the customer’s situation is and providing them with competent and knowledgeable advice. Discount Two-Way Radio makes sure each customer is treated like a VIP.

“Our number one goal is to make our clients happy. Any issue they have, it is our goal and mission to handle it right away and the faster the better,” said Mario the Service Department Manager. “This department is on the frontline. We help each other out, and we listen to each other’s conversations. We’re always listening. If I can’t figure something out, one of my teammates will step in and offer suggestions that I might not have thought about.”

Discount Two-Way Radio's New RadioSync™ Guarantees Radio Compatibility

Part of providing customer service also means coming up with new ways to help customers. That’s why Discount Two-Way Radio has introduced RadioSync™, our FREE proprietary radio matching programming system that guarantees to match any RCA radio to talk with any other brand or model of radio a customer may be using – whether Motorola, Kenwood, Icom or Vertex. In fact, for new customers, Discount Two-Way Radio actually provides free UPS shipping labels so that customers can send us one of their existing radios so that we can match sync the frequencies. Even better, Discount Two-Way Radio’s customer service department guarantees that they can match different radio brands to perfectly talk to each other the same day, and will even provide free return shipping!

The Service Department at Discount Two-Way Radio handles every kind of customer request known to the world of two-way radios. In many cases, the Service Department is the first point-of-contact for our customers who need assistance diagnosing radio problems, ordering new radio equipment, or expediting repairs.

Mario has been with Discount Two-Way Radio for more than 15 years, and quickly mastered nearly every job responsibility and department function Discount Two-Way Radio has, making him a critical resource for delivering concierge quality service to our customers while also acting as the “point-man” for all service-related issues.

“We field anywhere from 20-25 calls a day. The calls range from scheduling radio repairs helping customers troubleshoot their problems. Ideally, we try to resolve any problems on the phone, so they don’t have to send their radios in. Every call and every customer are different, but our number one priority is to take care of the customer,” said Mario.

Discount Two-Way Radio Free Two-Way Radio Tune & Align Program

Another customer centric service Discount Two-Way Radio performs is providing its customers an annual Tune & Align service for their two-way radios.

The exclusive Two-Way Radio Tune & Align Program works as a preventative maintenance program very similar to an oil change for your car. Customers just send in their radios for a completely free, full diagnostic check once a year to ensure your two-way radios are operating at maximum performance. The Discount Two-Way Radio Two-Way Radio Tune & Align Program includes the following eight-point diagnostic checks:

  1. TX (transmit) and RX (receive) alignment and optimization – Minimizes unwanted crosstalk and static.
  2. Radio Power Adjustment – Maximizes full power and for full coverage.
  3. Measure Frequency Deviation – Makes the signal crystal clear.
  4. Battery Analyze and Condition – Maximizes charging capacity.
  5. Antenna Jack Check – Tightens and secures jack to circuit board so it won’t come loose.
  6. Antenna Check – Inspects for micro-cracks or defects of any kind.
  7. Speaker Screen Clean Up – Removes metal particles dust or debris.
  8. Accessory Jack Test – Ensures jack is securely attached to the board to prevent it from cracking.

The Discount Two-Way Radio Simple and Fast Repair Process

Discount Two-Way Radio has the simplest and fastest repair process anywhere in the country, and only involves three steps:

  • Go to and fill out and print out the Repair Form.
  • Fill out and Print your FREE Shipping Label.
  • Pack your equipment and give it to a UPS driver.

Discount Two-Way Radio will take care of the rest!

Here is a video that highlights our service and repair process:

“We take it from there. When a customer sends in their radio’s for repair, first we double check the radios to make sure everything is working correctly. We attach the batteries, inspect the antennas, and run expert diagnostics to determine exactly what is wrong,” commented Mario.

The Service Department runs expert diagnostics before going to a state-of-the-art repair facility where factory trained technicians use the latest technology to repair each radio within two days!

Finally, the repaired radios are repackaged and returned to the customer at no cost.

“No matter where you bought it, we can fix it and get it back to you fast. We repair all major brands. We use a simple flat rate pricing, two-day expedited shipping, and provide a 90-day warranty on all radio repairs,” said Mario.


Do you need your two-way radios repaired? Click here for more information about our repairs or call us at 800-895-5122.


Discount Two-Way Radio provides professional grade two-way radio equipment to the industries of construction, manufacturing, education, facilities management, janitorial, and warehousing to mention just a few. Ben Burns founded the company in 1997 and quickly built Discount Two-Way Radio into one of the nation’s largest full-service distributors of two-way radio equipment. Today, Discount Two-Way Radio has more than 120,000 loyal customers, and was chosen to be North America’s master distributor for all RCA two-way radio equipment.


  • More and more America’s businesses are de-emphasizing customer service.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio has emphasized supreme customer service for nearly 25 years.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio has created exclusive customer service programs to help make customers’ lives easier and trouble free.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio created New RadioSync™, a program that guarantees any radio will sync perfectly with RCA two-way radio equipment for seamless compatibility.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio has created Two-Way Radio Tune & Align Program© which provides customers a free eight-point diagnostic check.
  • Discount Two-Way Radio has created the industry’s simplest and easiest repair process anywhere.
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