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How One Company Saved 20,000 Dollars by Scrapping Their Motorola Walkie-Talkies

May 19, 2016

I wanted to share a story about one customer that was able to save a boatload of money by letting us set it up with the RCA BR200.

This customer is a construction company that specializes in marine environments. Their builds, often in the middle of the ocean, present a demanding setting. They are dangerous to work on and there is damaging salt water everywhere. So the workers needed rugged, reliable, and water-resistant 2-way radios to replace their existing Motorola CP200s which had taken a beating.

Problem was, the CP200s were discontinued. Motorola was now forcing them to buy the new model, the CP200D, which was more expensive and had features they didn’t need.

They thought they HAD to buy the more expensive CP200D in order to maintain compatibility with their current Motorola radio system, because their dealer didn’t offer them any choice. They felt strong-armed into buying the CP200Ds or else they would have to start over with a brand new radio infrastructure, involving time and money they didn’t have.

Fortunately, they didn’t settle and explored other options. We were able to not only provide them with radios completely compatible with their current set-up, but at a cost savings of about $20,000 compared with the other dealer’s bid.

A lot of people don’t know this is possible, but wetook the RCA BR200s and easily programmed them to integrate into the customer’s existing Motorola system. The new radios worked flawlessly. The customer loved them, and us.

So why didn’t their existing dealer just show them the alternative?

Dirty tactics

Like this customer, some of the buyers we have spoken with claim that some two-way radio dealers speak down to them, try to confuse them, and make them feel just plain ABUSED. For instance, they are pressured into buying digital-capable radios even though they don’t need it or plan on upgrading to it in the near future. They are led to think they have no choice.

Another unfair practice is to deny you credit for your existing battery when you want to upgrade to a high capacity one. You used to be able to save some money on upgrades, but now they nickel and dime you and make you pay full price for a new battery. When you add the cost difference over dozens of units, this adds up.

I say that if you need to resort to shady tactics, there is something wrong. If you want to avoid this sort of thing, give Discount Two-Way Radio a call when you are shopping around. We are extremely competitive, and we will never sell you anything you don’t need.

We guarantee our radios to work with your existing setup

Another advantage to dealing with us: you don’t have to be a radio expert.

Let us figure out all the technical stuff and get you up and running, straight out of the box. It’s as simple as sending us one of your existing radios. We will match the new ones up to work with your current radios and they will integrate flawlessly with your entire system – I guarantee it!

If you are interested, contact us at the number below. I have a special going on right now, where if you invest in five brand new BR200 radios, I will give you a sixth one free.


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