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School Campus Safety and Security

School Campus Safety and Security
by   |    August 28, 2012

A recent Campus Safety magazine survey indicated that the shootings at the VA Tech campus and Columbine High School were the two incidents that had the greatest impact on their campus safety and security. School tragedies are horrific; a total breach in safety of a location we like to think is “safe”. After each large-scale disaster, schools across the country quickly and emotionally begin analyzing whether a similar situation is possible on their campus. They question the strength of their plan of action if it does. They universally understand that communication is vital and can save lives in an emergency.

When security plan improvements are needed, administrators get quotes for two-way radio systems and other communication equipment. They submit these to their district committees and boards for approval. As time passes, when the emotion from the tragedy wears off, the upgrades and investments seem less urgent. Often they aren’t done. Meanwhile there may not be any nationally shocking news stories reported but campus security is still an ongoing problem.

School shootings are not the only security threat you need to worry about!

The U.S Justice Department recently issued these findings:

  • Students age 12-18 were victims of about 1.5 million nonfatal crimes at school.
  • 32% of public and private school students ages 12-18 reported that they have been bullied at school within the past six months.
  • Among high school students in grades 9-12, about 12% said they got into a fight on school property.
  • 10% of male students and 5% of female student reported experiencing a threat or injury with a weapon on school property.

Learn the lesson of the importance of communication ability from others; don’t wait until you need it yourself. Two-way radio communication devices such as the BR250 can dramatically increase your campus security. After the ten year anniversary of Columbine, when Campus Security Magazine conducted their survey, 68% of K-12 academies reported newly installed communication systems that included two-way radio use. 90% of these schools reported an improvement in campus safety directly related to the lessons learned from the Columbine tragedy.

Your detailed security plan should include extremely reliable two-way radio equipment.

The BR250 is the solution of choice for campus security issues. It features the maximum battery capacity and is fully compatible with existing Motorola CP200’s that may already be a part of your system. You’ll get 850mw of loud-crystal clear audio utilizing X-Sound™ technology, which Motorola doesn’t have. Their audio is only 500mw: it’s more difficult to hear during a loud and confusing crisis. A whole package makeover is an attractive consideration. The durability of the BR250 is far superior to any other device available in the under $400 price range, increasing your peace of mind that it will reliably perform when you most need it to.

Instant communication during security problems can mean the difference between life and death!

Discount Two-Way Radio employs a very helpful and knowledgeable staff of customer service experts who can answer your questions and help tailor the right system for your needs. When you call, you’ll get live service, not a recorded menu. They offer same day shipping, items in stock, and full repair services. You’ll find their warranties to be the best available. Discount Two-Way Radio also offers a free School Emergency Planning Guide to help you ensure every aspect is covered for optimal campus safety.

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