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Fun Facts from Cheapie: Narrowband Analog Radios & the Transition to Digital Radios

by   |    September 24, 2014

In 2013, the FCC made it mandatory for all analog two-way communications operating on wideband (25 kHz bandwidth) to transition to Narrowband (12.5 kHz bandwidth).

This has left those using analog systems frustrated by the poor coverage and scratchy signal they started to get after going Narrowband. This narrowband mandate has created more “dead spots” where the signal doesn’t reach and when operating on 12.5 kHz bandwidth radio users are not able to perform at their best because important transmissions are now being lost in all the static.

By switching to digital two-way radios, you can regain your signal clarity due to the radios ability to filter out broken and scratchy transmissions. Digital radios remove the environmental interference from the transmission as it is sent to the receiver, thus creating a clearer, more understandable transmission for the users. You will have a much better radio signal that will cover your whole property and eliminate your “dead spots.”

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