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Discount Two-Way Radios Highlights Real Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Success Stories

Discount Two-Way Radios Highlights Real Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Success Stories
by   |    May 31, 2019

For more than two decades, Discount Two-Way Radio has been the authority of two-way radio solutions with its best-in-class infrastructure and best-in-the-industry line of RCA digital radios. One of the ways Discount Two-Way Radios reinforced its industry leadership position was by introducing its patented Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program - a pain-free way for people to trade-in their old radios in exchange for same quality, higher quality, or even less quality radios at a discounted price.

How the Program Works
The program started more than five years ago to provide two-way radio users an ecologically-safe way to discard their old or broken radios while also providing a cash incentive toward purchasing an upgraded and brand-new two-way radio set. The Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program is so simple it can be explained in three basic step

  • STEP 1: Simply go to our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ page and spend 90 seconds to fill out the very simple form. This will provide you a very quick way to see just how much credit you can earn on your trade-in.
  • STEP 2: Send in your old two-way radios for recycling
  • STEP 3: Place your order for new RCA equipment online or call one of our account representatives to help you determine what radio would be best for you and apply your credit!

That’s all there is to it.

Real Life Examples of People Who Took Advantage of the Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program

There are many great reasons for companies to take advantage of our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program. But in almost all situations, the trade-in program solves some type of a problem, and allows people to experience our customer-centered business model that was developed over 20 years ago!

To help illustrate this point through real-life examples, here are four scenarios that highlight common two-way radio problems, and how our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program paved the way for a perfect solution. Each scenario concludes with a real-life success story highlighting how well the Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program worked.

Scenario #1: Your Radios Are Not Working Very Well or Not Working at All

This scenario usually comes from the person who manages lots of people over a large area, and who sees the value of having fully-functioning two-way radios anywhere they are needed. Unfortunately, complaints have been pouring in from co-workers that the existing two-way radios are not working very well, or not at all, and something should be done about it. The last thing this manager has time for is researching the world of two-way radios. But they need a fast solution and one that is as trouble free as possible.

Our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Solution:

No matter what brand radio you have or how bad the condition of your existing radios, you are eligible for an instant trade-in credit with our Discount Two-Way Radio Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program. Simply go to the Cash-4-Clunkers ™ page of our website and follow the easy directions, and before you know it, your radios will be replaced without any problems, and the complaints will disappear. If you want to improve your current radio quality by upgrading to a better radio system, you can always contact our friendly and knowledgeable account representatives to discuss upgrade options.

Real Life Story #1: Lucy Cordova, Property Manager, Retail Shopping Center

Lucy Cordova is the property manager of a large shopping center in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. She uses two-way radios to keep track of security concerns and maintenance issues throughout the mall. When her radios were having a difficult time transmitting and receiving, she contacted Discount Two-Way Radio to exchange them for a new set of RCA radios.

“The radios were getting really hard to deal with, so I called Discount Two-Way Radio, and the guys were great.When my radios get hard to deal with, I really love their Cash-4-Clunkers program. It’s easy, and I can exchange my older radios for better quality radios. I have been going back to them for years,” said Lucy.

Scenario #2: You Need to Upgrade the Quality of your Current Two-Way Radio System

Two-way radios are an important tool for increasing work performance and bottom-line efficiency. However, it is very common to see businesses outgrow their current two-way radio systems, creating a scenario where the current two-way system simply cannot keep up with the demands of current job duties. What was workable three years ago is not getting the job done today.

Our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Solution: We understand how common it is to want to upgrade your current two-way radio system for a better-quality two-way radio. Our RCA line of digital two-way radios is extensive, providing many opportunities for making your job easier. Our Discount Two-Way Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program is the perfect vehicle to allow you and your company to upgrade your communications capabilities, save money during the exchange, and conveniently and ecologically discard your old radios in one fell swoop.

Real Life Story #2: Carlos Rivera, Purchasing Director for Industrial Welding Supply Company

Carlos Rivera is in-charge of purchasing two-way radios for the industrial welding supply company he works for in Springfield, Massachusetts. When he realized his existing two-way radios were getting old and requiring constant repair, he contacted Discount Two-Way Radio to inquire about its Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program.

“It was great, I just sent my old radios in, I received instant credit towards new RCA radios, and I was able to upgrade to the RCA 2500 and RCA 3500 series. It was easy and we’re happy with our new radios. Discount Two-Way Radios was really easy to work with and extremely helpful,” said Carlos.

Scenario #3: You Want to Move into a Digital Two-Way Radio System

Digital advancements in the two-way radio industry can easily be seen. In fact, digital technology is radically improving the functionality and performance of radios just like it did to phones and in-home devices. Smart companies understand that digital two-way technology is the future because it opens the door to many useful web-based applications while also enhancing the coverage, audio quality, and battery life of two-way radios. Plus, digital two-way radios can now be integrated into existing computer and phone systems for improved efficiency. However, with an existing collection of analog two-way radios, it’s hard to justify spending the money or incurring the headaches of making the complete switch to a digital system.

Our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Solution: Discount Two-Way Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program is the perfect opportunity for your company to take that big step from analog to digital. And because our RCA two-way radios are compatible with your existing analog radio signals, the transition doesn’t have to happen all at once. Discount Two-Way Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ allows organizations to gradually replace their older analog devices with newer digital models without spending a lot of money or learning an entire new system all at once.

Real Life Story #3: Lisa Lopez, Human Resources and Payroll Administrator for Trailer Manufacturing Firm

Lisa is the Human Resources and Payroll administrator with a leading manufacturer of utility, cargo & enclosed trailers in Calloway County MO. She is also in charge of maintaining the two-way radio equipment as well for her company. Lisa is a very smart administrator who has been using Discount Two-Way Radio Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program for years, gradually moving her two-way radio supply over to digital very slowly.

“We use about 120 radios total for our company, and what I’ve been doing is waiting until the warranty runs out on some of our analog radios and then exchanging them for new digital radios at a discount. We are actively moving everything over to digital, and the Cash-4-Clunkers program makes it easy. I like that I can just trade them in, and I like the people at Discount Two-Way Radio,” said Lisa.

Scenario #4: You Want to Change Your High-Priced Motorola Radios for the Better Valued RCA Radios

We are constantly surprised how many of our clients have been told that Motorola radios are the only radio they should consider buying. Not only is this statement false, it borders on the ridiculous. Sure, Motorola makes fine radios, but they are nearly double the price of RCA radios, and typically come equipped with poor customer service. If you oversee purchasing 50, 60, or even 100 Motorola radios, you’re talking about investing tens of thousands of dollars for radios when it’s not necessary. RCA two-way radios has been around for 100 years and are considered the best value radio for any industry imaginable.

Our Cash-4-Clunkers ™ Solution: Discount Two-Way Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program is incredibly popular for customers who are looking for an excuse convert from the more expensive Motorola radio to the more affordable RCA line of two-way radios. In addition to our Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program, the RCA radio warrantees can’t be beat! Plus, as the nation’s exclusive distributor of RCA two-way radios, and recognized leader in customer service and back-end support, Discount Two-Way Radio can replace your Motorola radios with equally good RCA radios at a fraction of the cost, while also offering best-in-class support and repair services as well!

Real Life Story #4: Brian Owen, Information Technology Consultant for Large Hospitality Property

Brian manages a large conference center and hospitality ground in Southern California, and he uses a lot of two-way radios for his business. However, he had purchased high-end and expensive Motorola radios a while back but took advantage of Discount Two-Way Radio’s Cash-4-Clunkers ™ program to phase out his Motorola two-way collection.

“We use about 40 radios, and they are working all the time. A While back, we decided we would turn in our older Motorola radios and trade them in for RCA RDR2500 series for a better price point and equal quality. And the new RCA RDR series has a warranty that is really great. We just filled out the form and sent them in. It was a good experience working with Discount Two-Way Radio,” said Brian.

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