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How Discount Two-Way Radio Provided Tough Radio Equipment and Superior Repair Services To the World’s Largest Marine Retailer

How Discount Two-Way Radio Provided Tough Radio Equipment and Superior Repair Services  To the World’s Largest Marine Retailer
by   |    October 28, 2019

Industry: Full Service Marine Sales and Repair

Customer: MarineMax

Products: RDR2500 IP54 Water & Dust Resistant Portable Radios and Fast Repairs

Problem: Surrounded by water and humidity, MarineMax was constantly having problems with their Motorola radios. Even worse, when they needed any radio repaired, it would take months and cost a fortune.

Solution: We advised MarineMax to switch their over-priced radios for the RDR2500 Series that provided plenty of protection from the elements. On top of that, we introduced the company to our repair department, and the overall quality of the radio

Overview: MarineMax, Pensacola, FL

Discount Two-Way Radio (DTWR) has spent 22-years providing successful companies professional grade two-way radio communications systems and expert advice on how to use two-way radios to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

Recently, MarineMax, Pensacola came to Discount Two-Way Radio looking for some straightforward advice on what two-way radios would be best suited for harsh marine environments. MarineMax is the world’s largest full-service source for all things marine: sales, service, repairs, classes, events and chartered getaways. The company has more than 50 locations across the country, including one of their most prized locations is in Pensacola, FL. That is the focal point for thousands of boating enthusiasts looking to do everything from accessing the Gulf of Mexico’s faraway waterways to locating a new Volvo Penta propeller.

The Challenge: Finding New Digital Radios That Can Handle the Harsh Saltwater and Marine Environment of Florida’s Panhandle and a Dealer Who Could Provide Fast, Professional Repairs

Jeffrey Simms is the Marina manager for MarineMax, where he oversees 44 fellow MarineMax associates working in the sales, service, and repair departments. As a 22-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard, Jeffery is very familiar with two-way radio technology, and so he took it upon himself to find radios that could withstand the saltwater environment and the punishing abuse that is inherent in maritime work.

In addition, because of the saltwater and humidity, many of Jeffrey’s original radios were either inoperable or in need of some serious maintenance. His local two-way radio dealer provided repair service, but the repairs took too long to complete with prices that were too expensive.

The Solution: Discount Two Way Radio RCA RDR2500 Series and Expert Repair Department

After speaking with one of our two-way radio experts, Jeffery opted to incorporate the RCA RDR2500 radio series into his operation. The RDR2500 two-way radio series is durable, has outstanding audio quality, and is completely compatible with other major radio brands. Plus, the RDR2500 can be used in both analog and digital modes, and has a guaranteed three-year warranty.

But what really impressed Jeffrey and MaxMarine was Discount Two-Way Radio's expert service and repair department.

He especially liked that Discount Two-Way Radio repair department provided these services:

  • Charged an easy, flat rate for most repairs
  • Completed repairs within seven days
  • Provided free expedited shipping on all repairs both ways
  • Used factory trained technicians
  • Could repair all brands of two-way radios.

The Results: Durable Two-Way Radios that Survive Sea Conditions and Amazing Repair Service

Jeffery and his team love the RCA RDR2500 for a lot of reasons, including that these radios are tough, and can function in both analog and digital modes, allowing him the ability convert his entire feet to digital over time.

“The radios really help us coordinate our everyday work routine, and the RDR2500 radios work well for us. The idea is to phase out all the old analog radios we are using, and overtime replace them with the RCA digital radios,” said Jeffery.

Plus, Jeffery was particularly impressed with how Discount Two-Way Radio’s repair department can take even the most damaged radio and bring it back to life.

“Our radios are out in a saltwater environment and let’s face it, sometimes they get beat up a little bit or we have an accident and drop one in the water. But we always send them to you guys for reconditioning. If you could see the conditions of the radios I send you guys. Sometimes they are really wrecked, but I am always impressed that you guys are able to salvage them and turn them around in just about a week. That’s impressive,” said Jeffery.
For more information on Discount Two-Way Radio’s simple and fast repair process, call 800-895-5122 or go here for your repair form and FREE shipping label.