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Walkie-Talkie Classroom Communications System Fails to Protect Children in Detroit

by   |    May 9, 2014

Original source of article: Miami Herald Markets


DETROIT, May 7, 2014 - Fists flew. Desks collided. Chairs overturned. And students ran for protection as two high school boys turned a classroom into an explosive fighting ring.

A teacher at Detroit's Pershing High School tried to call for help from security guards on her walkie-talkie. But it didn't work.

The 30-second fight was captured on a cell phone video and broadcast on Fox 2 Detroit and rebroadcast to other stations across America.

"School districts across the country are putting students and teachers at risk when they pinch pennies and buy cheap walkie-talkies," said Ben Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of Discount Two-Way Radio Corporation, which creates customized communications solutions for schools based on their needs and budgets. "Schools should buy reliable two-way radio communications systems and service them properly."

The company has led the way to protect schools by creating a free "Emergency School Planning Guide" communications plan to help school districts adopt a comprehensive method to safeguard children and inform parents during a crisis at a school.

The company's website also offers a free Professional Two-Way Radio Troubleshooting Guide, a handy 11-point checklist all your radio users must know to optimize your radio investment

"We're in the business of saving children's lives," he said. "We are experts in creating the right life-saving communications systems for schools and businesses and we take our responsibility seriously."

Ironically, the teacher was fired for using a broom to break up the fight, as the act violated the school district's ban on teachers using corporal punishment.

"It is an outrage that a teacher who tried to protect children should be fired. Teachers and their unions or representatives need to make sure their school districts buy communications systems that can do the job," said Burns.

"If the school district bought quality communications equipment and serviced it properly, incidents like Detroit might not happen," he said. "Two-way radios and megaphones from high quality companies can provide teachers with a safe working environment."

Educational institutions could face expensive lawsuits and pay steep fines if they don't provide proper working equipment.

"School districts could be sued by teachers and staff if they don't provide adequate safety equipment," said Burns. "Parents must demand their school districts get the best communications equipment that works and will keep their children safe."

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