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RCA CHU6 CUP232 Multi Unit Charger


  • Icom A14
  • Icom A14S
  • Icom F14
  • Icom F24
  • Icom F3011
  • Icom F3021
  • Icom F3161
  • Icom F3163
  • Icom F3230D
  • Icom F3261D
  • Icom F3360D
  • Icom F33G
  • Icom F4011
  • Icom F4021
  • Icom F4031
  • Icom F4161
  • Icom F4163
  • Icom F4230D
  • Icom F4261D
  • Icom F4360D
  • Icom F43G
  • Icom F43TR

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Genuine RCA Handheld Radio Six Bank Charger for Icom A14 / A14S / F14/15/24/25/3011/3021/3023/3161/3163/43TR/44 with RBI232NH Battery


Charging Tips:

Make sure to not use your charger as a stand for your radio. Leaving the radio in the charger while you are using it all day long can shorten the life of your battery.

When you are ready to charge your radio, turn it off and then place it in the charger until the light indicates it is fully charged or whenever you are ready to start using your radio again. Your charger will not overcharge your batteries. Once the battery is full charged it will automatically switch to a trickle charge.

If you need to be able to use your radio around the clock we recommend having a second battery for each radio. You can charge the battery by itself in the charger. This way you will always have a fully charged battery ready to go day or night.

If you are noticing that your battery isn't charging properly first check that there is no dirt or corrosion on the contacts.

We also sell multi-unit chargers for most radios. This makes it very convenient to inventory your radios since the radios can be checked in and charged at one spot at the end of a shift. It also ensures that the radios will be properly charged since someone will be checking them in and charging them. This avoids the issue of the radio user accidentally forgetting to charge their radio at the end of a shift.

Product Type Multi-Unit Chargers
Brand RCA
Charger Type Rapid/Sensing
Charging Slots Six Bank
Brochure / Manual

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