Power Products EP9815Pri-L Battery

For XTS1500 / XTS2500 / PR1500

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Details: Ultra High Capacity Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), 4500mAh 7.5V Battery Pack

Emergency Back-Up Primary Lithium Batteries are perfect for operating Two-Way Radios in emergency conditions where communication is critical with no access to electrical power to charge a battery for hours and even days. Ideal and widely used by FEMA and other Government Agencies responding to disasters like Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Tornados and Floods.

  • Disposable and Non-Rechargeable Batteries
  • Ready to Use Out of the Box, No Refilling Needed
  • Extremely Slow Self-Discharge Rate When Compared to Rechargeable Batteries, to Provide 10 Years of Shelf Life
  • Over 30+ Hours of Continuous Use on 10/10/80 Duty Cycle From a Single Unit, Equivalent to Multiple Refills* of an Alkaline Clamshell Battery

For the following models:

  • XTS1500 / XTS2500 / PR1500
Product Type Batteries
Brand Emerging Power
Warranty 1 year
Battery Type Emergency
Battery Capacity 4500mAh / 33.75Wh
Intrinsically Safe No