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Icom F1721 Mobile Radio

F1721 MMB Bracket

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The Icom F1721 mobile radio series has an output power of 50W, a frequency range of VHF 136-174 MHz, and 256 channels with 32 zones. The Icom F1721 mobile radio series is a VHF analog with standard keypad. It has a high contrast LCD with dot matrix discplay and 1 or 2 lines of characters. It has a detachable front panel for flexible installation and a built-in audio compander. Also available as a base station.

The Smart Migration to a P25 Digital Radio System

F1721 is P25 Upgradeable in the Future (or available as P25 Digital now) and has These Features:

  • High Contrast LCD with Dot Matrix Display and 1 or 2 Lines of Characters
  • MDC1200 Compatible
  • Built-in CTCSS, DTCS, 2-tone, 5-tone
  • Encode or Decode Up to 10 2/5-tone Signals on a Channel
  • Detachable Front Panel for Flexible Installation

For organizations who run an analog radio system and must migrate to a conventional P25 digital system, Icom provides one of the best solutions. The F1721/D series mobile allows you to program P25 digital and/or FM analog mode per channel. Flash ROM capability means future upgrades and flexible customization, tailored for your system. Moreover, built-in multiple tone signaling capability and an optional voice scrambler satisfy existing analog FM system requirements. Icom’s frequency range coverage and rugged construction ensures a flexible, long life radio for you. Icom is the smart choice for current – and future – public safety communication needs.

Rugged Construction For Public Safety Users

With heavy-duty construction, the F1721 series is built to last. The F1721 series incorporates a 4W speaker in an impact resistant polycarbonate front panel for crisp clear audio, and includes a backlit 10-keypad for extended operation.

Other features
  • Microphone Hanger Action Programmable (Scan, Monitor, Priority Channel)
  • Radio Stun/Kill Disables a Lost or Stolen Radio Over the Air
  • Power-On Password Prevents Unathorized People Turning on the Radio
  • Public Address (PA) Function Allows User to Relay the Received Audio Over the Loud Speaker
  • Optional OPC-617 D-SUB 9 pin connector for dimmer control, modem connection
  • D-SUB 25 pin connector for future PC connection
  • Built-in audio compander (Analog mode only)
Product Type Analog Mobiles
Brand Icom
Accessory Connector Type IM00J Front Mic Jack RJ-45 Icom
Channels 256
Frequency Range 136-174 MHz
Intrinsically Safe No
Radio Display Yes
Radio Keypad Partial
Radio Power 50 Watt VHF
Brochure / Manual
Product Manual (626.03 KB) DOWNLOAD
Spec Sheet (374.85 KB) DOWNLOAD
Brochure (853.82 KB) DOWNLOAD

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