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Icom F3161 Standard Handheld Radio

The Icom F3161 is ideal for hospitals, transportation, casinos, and public works. It has 512 channels with 128 zones and a large LCD display. There is a built-in inversion voice scrambler and a lone worker function.

Should your business change or grow, this radio series is upgradeable to IDAS Digital. It includes a complete set of analog signaling plus LTR trunking.The Icom F3161 has 5W of power, a frequency range of VHF 136-174 MHz, and 512 channels with 128 zones. It has an IP rating of IP55 and 7 programmable keys, ideal to meet the needs of many businesses including public works and transportation.

Analog Conventional at its Best Plus Upgradeable to IDAS Digital

Designed for business and public safety, use the F3161/F4161 Series includes a complete set of analog signaling plus LTR trunking. The radio comes with either a display and four front panel programmable keys or a display with four front panel keys and a full DTMF keypad. The F3161/F4161 series is suited to meet the needs of users requiring a wide range of sophisticated features. The F3161/F4161 radio can also be upgraded to IDAS digital in the future.

The radio series is ideal to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses such as casinos, hospitals and transportation, and public safety agencies such as prisons, police and public works.

Vote Scan

The voting mode scanning detects the signal strength level of repeater stations and automatically selects the strongest station, useful for roaming between 2 or more repeater sites. Once you program the voting mode to a memory zone, you can easily start voting mode operation by changing the zone setting.

Large LCD

Using a large full dot-matrix LCD, the F3161 series shows upper and lower case characters clearly. The display setting is selectable from 1 line, 12 characters or 2 lines 24 characters via programming. The bottom row shows assigned functions to the [P0] to [P3] buttons.

Safety Features

Program lone worker function into the radio so when the radio is not operated for a preset period, a beep sounds and a button push is required. If no button is pushed within that preset time, an emergency signal automatically transmits and alerts your co-worker or dispatcher to any potential trouble.

Additional Features
  • DTMF autodial memories
  • Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS & MDC1200
  • Decode ten 2-tone codes or eight 5-tone codes on a channel
  • 8 DTMF autodial memories
  • 2 step reduced power setting
  • Power on password
  • Busy, repeater lockout functions
  • Escalating alarm
  • Mode dependent scan
  • Surveillance function temporarily turns off the LED backlight and beep sound
Compatible with
  • Any UHF Analog Radio
  • Any VHF Analog Radio
  • Icom F3161T
  • Icom F3161S
  • Icom F3163T
  • Icom F3261DT
  • Icom F3163S
  • Icom F33GS
  • Icom F33GT
  • Icom F34GS
  • Icom F34GT
  • Icom F3GS
  • Icom F3GT
  • Icom F4161T
  • Icom F4161S
  • Icom F4163T
  • Icom F4163S
  • Icom F4261D
  • Icom F43GS
  • Icom F43GT
  • Icom F44GS
  • Icom F44GT
  • Icom F4GS
  • Icom F4GT
  • Kenwood NX3200-K2
  • Kenwood NX3200-K3
  • Kenwood NX3300-K2
  • Kenwood NX3300-K3
  • Kenwood TK-2180K
  • Kenwood TK-280K
  • Kenwood TK-3180K
  • Kenwood TK-380K
  • Kenwood TK-480K
  • Motorola HT1250
  • Motorola HT1250-LS
  • Motorola HT1250-LS+
  • Motorola HT1550
  • Motorola HT1550-XLS
  • Motorola JT1000
  • Motorola LTS2000
  • Motorola MT2000
  • Motorola MTS2000
  • Motorola MTX1500
  • Motorola MTX4500
  • RCA RDR4380
  • Vertex VX-824
  • Vertex VX-829
  • Vertex VX-924
  • Vertex VX-929

*Disclaimer: Most radios are compatible and will work with each other regardless of brand and model, given that they are same technology (Analog, DMR, NXDN or P25 Digital) and the basic programming options, such as frequencies and codes are matched. The compatible models listed above are based on the radio's physical characteristics, quality, functionality, price categories and the ability of the radios to work with one another on a basic level. For further information, please contact us at 800-895-5122.

Brochure / Manual
MB94 Belt Clip
BC123SA 51 Power Supply

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