Universal G8PI Mobile Antenna Mount

Antenna Magnetic Mounts w/ UHF/PL-259 connect
Part Number: G8PI

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Magnetic mount for your mobile two-way radio. Includes all necessary wiring and connectors.

The connectors and wiring are pre-attached making installation very simple!

(Includes 12ft of Cable)

Warranty: Your antenna mount is protected by our 1 year warranty protection program.

Product Type Mobile Antenna Mounts
Brand All Brands
Warranty 1 year
  • Icom A110
  • Icom A220
  • Icom F5021
  • Icom F5021B
  • Icom F6021
  • Icom F6021B
  • RCA BRM1250
  • RCA BRM300D
  • Vertex EVX-5300
  • Vertex EVX-5400