Motorola HLN9573A Shorting Plug Kit

Shorting Plug Kit for Microphone Jack
Part Number: HLN9573A

Price: $9.20

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Mounting accessories - Shorting plug kit for microphone jack used when application calls for a deskset (covers microphone jack)
Product Type Mobile Radio Accessories
Brand Motorola
Warranty 1 year
Bluetooth No
Intrinsically Safe No
Quick Disconnect No
VOX Capable No
  • Motorola CDM1250
  • Motorola CDM1550
  • Motorola CDM1550 LS
  • Motorola CDM1550 LS+
  • Motorola CDM750
  • Motorola GM1280
  • Motorola GM300
  • Motorola GM338
  • Motorola GM340
  • Motorola GM360
  • Motorola GM380
  • Motorola GM398
  • Motorola GM640
  • Motorola GM660
  • Motorola GR300
  • Motorola M1225
  • Motorola M1225 LS
  • Motorola M130
  • Motorola M208
  • Motorola M216
  • Motorola MCX760
  • Motorola MCX780
  • Motorola PRO3100
  • Motorola PRO5100
  • Motorola PRO7100
  • Motorola SM120
  • Motorola SM50