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RCA HNWATPROOF Waterproof Two-Way Radio Bag

Protect Your Radio By Making It Water Proof.

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Price: $30.00



Protect your radio from the elements. This waterproof pouch perfectly fits your radio and allows you to use your radio in heavy rain, on ships or in any other environment where your radio could get wet or dirty.

The waterproof material still allows you to easily use your radio and is flexible enough for you to push the PTT, hear the audio and also pick up your voice when you talk.

Product Type Waterproof Radio Bags
UPC 810036143479
Brand RCA
Warranty 3 months
  • RCA BR200
  • RCA BR200D
  • RCA BR300
  • RCA BR300D
  • RCA BR850
  • RCA MR240
  • RCA RDR2320
  • RCA RDR2380
  • RCA RDR2500
  • RCA RDR2550
  • RCA RDR2600
  • RCA RDR3500
  • RCA RDR3600
  • RCA RDR4320
  • RCA RDR4320 G
  • RCA RDR4330
  • RCA RDR4350
  • RCA RDR4350 GB
  • RCA RDR4380
  • RCA RDR4380 GB
  • RCA RDR4390
  • RCA RPX4500
  • RCA RPX4600
  • RCA XR150