Relm KAA0818 Antenna

Original Relm Handheld Radio Antenna for KNG P150 Series | VHF 150-170 MHz | Whip
Part Number: KAA0818

Price: $50.00

Out of stock

Product Type Antennas (Portable Radios)
Brand Relm
Warranty 1 year
Antenna Connector SMA
Antenna Band 150 - 170 MHz

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    <p>Technology: <b>P25 DIGITAL</b> | Power: <b>6W</b> | Warranty: <b>3 YEARS</b><br>Bands: <b>(VHF) 136-174MHz</b></p> <p><b style="color:#345375">Limited Keypad (T2) / Full Keypad (T3)</b><br> The KNG-P150 series portable radios come in two version, Limited (Tier 2)and Full Keypad (Tier 3), ready for P25 conventional and/or P25 trunking operation. The Relm KNG Public Safety portables provide optional AES and DES encryption for secure conversation as well as support for P25 OTAP (Over-The-Air-Programming) and OTAR (Over-The-Air Re-keying) for changing programming and encryption keys over the air.</p>