KNB-29N Replacement Battery

Genuine RCA Handheld Radio Battery | Nickel Metal Hydride | 1650mAh / 12.375Wh | 7.5V
Part Number: KNB-29N

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Standard Ni-MH 1650mAh 7.5V Battery Pack for Kenwood TK-2200LP / TK-2212L / TK-2300VP / TK-2302VK / TK-3200LP / TK-3212L / TK-3300UP / TK-3302UK
Product Type Batteries
Brand RCA
Warranty 1 year
Battery Type NiCD
Battery Capacity 1650mAh / 7.5V
Intrinsically Safe No
  • Kenwood TK-2200
  • Kenwood TK-2300
  • Kenwood TK-2302VK
  • Kenwood TK-3200
  • Kenwood TK-3300
  • Kenwood TK-3302UK

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