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Repair Your Motorola Two Way Radios Fast and Affordably or Get New Compatible Models

We repair almost 100% of all Motorola 2 way handheld and mobile radios. Using our repair service is like having your own local repair company down the street. We pay for shipping both ways. We provide you with FREE shipping labels to send us your broken Motorola 2-way radios and equipment. We even repair the first radio you send us for free. Give us a call to get started. Our phone support is second to none, and can provide you with every answer you need. We even help you add new radios to your existing system, since we carry the exact two way radios you’re using now, or have compatible radios. With over 20 years of experience, we know two way radios and repair so you don’t have to. Just call us at (800) 895-5122.

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We repair radios in our state of the art 19,000 square foot facility, and offer a 90 day repair warranty on 100% of the two way radios we repair. With expertly trained technicians working on your radios, you get quality repairs within 10 business days or less, when all parts are in stock. Once repairs are done we ship your radios to you free of charge.

Below is a comprehensive list of main Motorola models we repair and compatibally replace. Give us a call, and if you don’t see your model listed here we may still be able to to help!

Handheld Two Way Radio Motorola Models

  • AXU4100 / BPR40 (Mag One) / CP110 / CP125 / CP150 / CP200 / P10 / P50 / P100 / RDU2020 / RDV2020 / RDU2080D / RDV2080D / RDU4100 / RDU4160 / RDV5100 / RMU2040 / SP50*
  • BC120 / CP185 / CP200XLS / CT150 / CT250 / CT450 / GP300 / GP350 / P110 / P1225 / PR400
  • CP200d / EX500 / EX600 / HT600 / HT750 / MTX8250 / MTX9250 / PR860 / PR1500
  • HT1000 / HT1250 / JT1000 / MT1000 / MT2000 / MTS2000 / MTX800 / MTX900 / P200 / VISAR / XPR 3300 / XPR 3500 / XPR 6100 / XPR 6350 / XPR 6380 / XPR 6550 / XPR 6580
  • XPR 7550 / XPR 7350 / XPR 7580 / XPR 7380 / XTS1500 / XTS2500 / XTS3000 / XTS3500 / XTS5000

Mobile 2 Way Radio Motorola Models

  • CM300 / EM200 / EM400 / GM300 / M120 / Maxtrac Series / PM400 / SM50 / SM120
  • CM200 / CM200d / CM300d / CDM750 / CDM1250 / CDM1550 / M1225 / Radius Series
  • XPR 2500 / XPR 4580 / XPR 4550 / XPR 4380 / XPR 4350

If you need help with two way radios not listed above, such as the APX 6000 & APX 7000, our support team is able to help. We work with you to find the best solution and compatible 2 way radios for what you have.

Whether you need a fast repair or a compatible replacement for your Motorola 2-way radio model, just give us a call and we will walk you through the process. We are ready to help you with any question you might have about your two-way radios even if you didn’t buy them from us!. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and we know two way radio repair so you don’t have to! Plus all of our two-way radio repairs are warrantied.

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