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Accessories for RCA BR200

Complete list of the RCA BR200 compatible accessories and equipment that we have available.
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  • BR200 Handheld Radio Package

    BR200 Handheld Radio Package

    Technology: ANALOG | Power: 4W UHF / 5W VHF | Warranty: 2 YEARS

    Guaranteed Lowest Price compared to equivalent Motorola models like the CP200, CP185, VX-261 and more!
    The best price you can get on a dependable brand name professional class business radio with real 4 watt UHF or 5 watt VHF coverage.


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  • BR200 Bundle With 6-Bank Charger

    BR200 Bundle With 6-Bank Charger

    Technology: ANALOG | Power: 4W | Warranty: 2 YEARS

    RCA’s BR200 is a rugged, affordable radio that will help you stay in touch without breaking your budget. This small but powerful radio has 5 watts VHF of power providing optimum coverage range. The BR200 has a wide variety of features that will enable you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your staff.




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2 Item(s)