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Accessories for RCA RDR2500

Complete list of the RCA RDR2500 compatible accessories and equipment that we have available.
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  • RDR2500 Package With 6 Bank Charger

    RDR2500 Package With 6 Bank Charger

    Technology: DMR DIGITAL | Power: 5W | Warranty: 3 YEARS

    Best Value on the market! Reliable, Durable, Cost-Effective.
    For professionals who require cost-effective, reliable and easy to use radios to provide simple and efficient communication solution for a safer and more productive work environment.




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Compatible Brands & Models


  • XR150
  • BR250
  • BR850
  • RDR1520
  • RDR2500
  • RDR2550
  • RDR2600

Pro Series

  • HT850


  • TC-1600
  • TC-2100
  • TC-500
  • TC-518
  • TC-600
  • TC-610
  • TC-620
  • TC-700
  • TC-700EX
  • BD502
  • BD552
  • PD402
  • PD412
  • PD502
  • PD562