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RDR2600 Series Overview

RDR2600 Series Two-Way Radios

The rugged RDR2600 Series portables deliver fast, reliable communication making for a better, safer, more productive workforce and work environment. Simple and cost-effective, the RDR2000 two-way radio is built to last giving you the peace of mind to focus on the growth and productivity of your company.

RDR2620 Standard Model

RDR2650 Standard Plus Model

RDR2680 Advanced Model

Quality Coverage You Can Count On

The RDR2600 Series two-way radios offer an unmatched operational versatility that allows different departments, work crews, managers and employees to select the model that best fits their needs. From the standard RDR2620 to the upgraded RDR2650 radio with 16 character display and revolutionary 7 programmable function buttons, and the advanced RDR2680 radio unit with 16 character display and full keypad, these RDR2600 Series radios allow you to take full advantage of features like Caller ID, Group and Private Call, Radio Check, Radio Enable/Disable, Emergency Alerts, Messaging and more.

The powerful 1-watt power speaker makes messages on these RDR2600 Series two-way radios hard to miss. With pristine audio quality and reliable coverage that is consistent and coupled with a long-lasting battery life, the RDR2000 is an outstanding choice when looking for a reliable 2-way radio.

Our Guarantee

As with all our products, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comprehensive, hassle-free 3-year warranty on all our RDR2600 Series radios. Plus, our customers receive free shipping and a guaranteed 10-day turnaround on all repairs. Have questions about our RDR2600 Series two-way radios? Please contact us, and our experienced sales staff will happily help you find the professional two-way radio that’s right for you.


Fully compatible with your existing analog and digital radios, these RDR2600 Series two-way radios combine the best of both systems giving you the flexibility to upgrade your radio system to digital at your own speed. We guarantee our RDR2000 two-way radios to be fully compatible with your existing analog and digital radios regardless of brand or model, so you can rest assured your system will work when it matters most.


Different departments, work crews, managers and employees can select the model that best fits their needs, taking advantage of features like Caller ID, Group and Private Call, Radio Check, Radio Enable/Disable, Emergency Alerts, Messaging and more.

Designed with X-Sound+ HDTM for exceptional voice quality. The RDR2000 series radios provide loud 1 Watt of power audio, at the same time eliminating background noise and static from the voice transmissions and delivering crystal clear voice message.

Today's digital technology allows for the transmitted signal to stay strong and clear from background noise for longer distances, until it reaches its maximum range. This allows for virtually no deterioration of the voice quality, thus providing larger usable coverage in areas where analog communication was very poor or not possible at all.

Up to 40% improved battery performance, providing longer operating time. With a typical duty cycle of 5 (Rx) - 5 (Tx) - 90 (Stand By), the 1800mAh Lithium Ion battery provides up to 10 hours of operation in Analog mode and up to 14 hours of operation in Digital mode.

The RDR2000 series radios are designed with durability in mind and built to survive the normal, everyday commercial wear and tear. The radio's 3.6mm high quality, reinforced polycarbonate housing can be found only in public safety grade equipment and it is unmatched in this class.

RCA RDR2000 series accessory jack

Designed with the same style accessory connector, providing you with the option to keep your speaker mics, earpieces and headsets. Both RCA X03S and Motorola X03 style accessory connectors fit and work with the RDR2000 Series.

Digital Circuit graphic

Single chip transceiver solution with advanced RF quadrature signal processing without vibration and shock sensitive ceramic filters. This very reliable design significantly reduces the radio receiver failures due to normal everyday wear and tear, often involving unwanted equipment drops and knocks.

Analog and Digital operation will give you the flexibility to upgrade to Digital at your own speed, without sacrificing safety and keeping your business operations running smoothly during the transition period.

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The RDR2600 Series portable radios are compatible with all RCA two-way radios as well as Motorola MotoTrboTM and Vertex eVergeTM series two-way radios and repeaters.

RCA RDR2600 Series 3-year warranty

The RDR2600 Series radios are backed standard by an industry leading, hassle-free Three (3) Year Warranty.


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