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Motorola NAF5039A Handheld Radio Antenna

800-869 MHz Dipole Antenna For Motorola
Part Number: NAF5039A

Price: $35.00

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Motorola Flexible Antenna 800 MHZ Band 806-870 MHz Dipole. Flexible antennas have a one-piece finish and steel core for optimal radiation characteristics. Provides more comfort when radio is worn on the belt.
Product Type Antennas (Portable Radios)
Brand Motorola
Warranty 1 year
Antenna Type Flexible Whip
Antenna Connector SMA
Antenna Band 806 - 870 MHz
  • Motorola ASTRO Digital Saber
  • Motorola HT1000
  • Motorola LTS2000
  • Motorola MT1500
  • Motorola MT2000
  • Motorola MTS2000
  • Motorola MTX800
  • Motorola MTX8000
  • Motorola MTX900
  • Motorola MTX9000
  • Motorola XTS 1500
  • Motorola XTS 2250
  • Motorola XTS 2500
  • Motorola XTS 3000
  • Motorola XTS 3500
  • Motorola XTS 5000