Pryme NEP-BH-33 Microphone/Headset

Original Pryme Ear Bone Microphone/Headset with PTT and X33 Multi Pin Connector
Part Number: NEP-BH-33

Price: $108.00

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Rugged, lightweight system has unique Vibration Microphone/Speaker that fits inside user’s ear canal. The Vibration Mic picks up Tx audio directly from the Ear Canal. Mic goes inside users Ear Canal so it will pick up less ambient noise. Because Ear Mic fits in Ear Canal user can wear hats, helmets or other head covering including protective masks. A large, metal clip secures the PTT unit to the user's belts or clothing. PTT includes 2.5mm jack for optional remote finger PTT.
Product Type Headsets (Lightweight)
Brand Pryme
Warranty 1 year
Accessory Connector Type X33 Multi Pin Motorola HT750, RCA
Bluetooth No
Earpiece Type Ear Bone
Earpiece Wire Option 1 Wire
Intrinsically Safe No
Quick Disconnect No
VOX Capable No
Accessory Wire Type Straight and Coiled
  • Motorola CBPRO
  • Motorola GP1280
  • Motorola GP140
  • Motorola GP320
  • Motorola GP328
  • Motorola GP329
  • Motorola GP338
  • Motorola GP339
  • Motorola GP340
  • Motorola GP360
  • Motorola GP380
  • Motorola GP580
  • Motorola GP640
  • Motorola GP650
  • Motorola GP680
  • Motorola GP960
  • Motorola HT1250
  • Motorola HT1250-LS
  • Motorola HT1550
  • Motorola HT1550-XLS
  • Motorola HT750
  • Motorola JT1000
  • Motorola MTP700
  • Motorola MTP810Ex
  • Motorola MTP850Ex
  • Motorola MTX8250
  • Motorola MTX8250-LS
  • Motorola MTX850
  • Motorola MTX850-LS
  • Motorola MTX9250
  • Motorola MTX950
  • Motorola MTX960
  • Motorola PR860
  • Motorola PRO5150
  • Motorola PRO5350
  • Motorola PRO7150
  • Motorola PRO7350
  • Motorola PRO7450
  • Motorola PRO7750
  • Motorola PRO9150
  • Motorola PTX700
  • Motorola PTX760
  • Motorola PTX780
  • Motorola R765