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Public Safety and Government Agencies

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Anyone working in the Public Safety sector is on the front of the line when it comes to keeping the general population safe. This industry includes law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical services, public works and even military, and without question, they rely on their two-way radios to get their job done – whether on a critical call or just a routine day on the job.

Discount Two-Way Radio provides cost-effective complete communications solutions guaranteed to meet your needs, nothing less or more. This allows you and your team to have better communication, be better informed, and make better decisions that lead to a better outcome. From single location repeater systems to county-wide emergency response systems, Discount Two-Way Radio experts can help you meet your communication goals. Plus, we have more than 10 years of experience providing P25 Communications Solutions fully compliant with the Project 25 interoperability standards.

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