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Project 25 (P25) Communications Solutions

P25 Two-Way Radio Solutions
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We provide P25 compliant Conventional and Trunked two-way radios and repeater systems for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMS, Public Works and Military. We have more than 10 years of experience providing P25 Communications Solutions fully compliant with the Project 25 interoperability standards. Regardless of your communication needs, our large selection of RCA, Icom and Vertex products will provide you with a solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Discount Two-Way Radio is one of the first two-way radio solutions providers to obtain GSA and DOD vendor contracts to provide cost-effective two-way radio equipment to Federal Government Agencies.

Affordable, Reliable P25 Solutions

On a critical mission or just an ordinary day at the job, having reliable communication is of utmost importance. There isn't time to struggle dealing with hard to use or poorly set up, unreliable two-way radio equipment. Discount Two-Way Radio provides cost-effective complete communications solutions guaranteed to meet your needs, nothing less or more. This allows you and your team to have better communication, be better informed, make better decisions leading to a better outcome. From single location repeater systems to county-wide emergency response systems, Discount Two-Way Radio’s systems design experts can help you meet your communication goals.
Our specialists will work with you to not only design a system that will meet your exact communications needs, but will also stay within your agency's budget and save you real money over the competition.

Available on GSA AdvantageContract # GS-35F-0903R
Available on DOD Emall

Our Product and Service Portfolio Includes:

  • Portable and Mobile Radios
  • Base Stations, GPS and Dispatch Applications
  • Stationary Conventional and Simulcast Repeater Systems
  • Custom Portable Repeater Systems
  • Custom Solar Powered Repeater Solutions
  • Cross-Band Repeater Systems
  • Radio Over IP Systems


Featured P25 Products

P25 Portable Radios
P25 Mobile Radios
Two-Way Radio Solutions for Warehousing and Logistics
Two-Way Radio Systems Solutions for Public Safety and Government Agencies

About P25

P25 Is a North American standard for manufacturing of interoperable digital two-way radios for communication used by Local, County, State and Federal Government Agencies. The P25 technology provides interoperability capabilities between agencies, multiple jurisdictions and joint operations as well as multi-vendor sourcing leading to cost-effective and competitive purchasing opportunities without compromising quality and system capabilities.

Project 25


  • Interoperability Among Agencies
  • Interoperability Among Vendors
  • Spectrum Efficiency
  • Compatible with Existing Systems
  • Advanced Conventional and Trunking Solutions


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"Van, Just an update. The radio system is up and running. It working beyond our expectations. We have complete coverage in the building and all around the town of Fresno. Three of us took a radio home with us last night. I live in the north west area of Fresno. My house is 10 miles from the repeater. The other person lives in NE Fresno that's about 10 miles or more. The best part the 3rd person that took a radio home lives east of Fresno up in the mountains. We were able to receive and transmit up to 30 miles before we lost contact.. Great job and thanks."

- Joseph Archacki, Facilities Director, GSA, Fresno, CA


"Wanted to let you know we've been using the radios we purchased from you guys and we are extremely happy with the product. These are by the far the best radios amongst the Minesweeping ships out here forward deployed. We truly appreciate it. "

- Lt. Danny Nin, USS Defender

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Call us today at 800-895-5122 or simply fill out the Government RFQ Form