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Listen Only Earpieces for Two-Way Radios

Listen only 2-way radio earpieces allow you to monitor your radio communication without disturbing or interrupting anyone around you. Here at Discount Two-Way Radio, we carry an extensive collection of two-way radio accessories to help your product go the distance. Our collection of 2-way radio earpieces offers the widest selection of different styles and brands for the very best price.

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

Compatible Brands & Models


  • RDR3500
  • RDR3600


  • APX 7000
  • APX2000
  • APX6000
  • APX7000
  • APX7000SE
  • APX7500
  • DGP 4150+
  • DGP4150
  • DGP5050
  • DGP5550
  • DGP6150
  • DGP8050
  • DGP8550
  • DP3400
  • DP3401
  • DP3600
  • DP3601
  • DP4400
  • DP4401
  • DP4600
  • DP4601
  • DP4800
  • DP4801
  • MTP830S
  • MTP850S
  • XiR P8620
  • XiR P8628
  • XPR4500
  • XPR6100
  • XPR6300
  • XPR6350
  • XPR6380
  • XPR6500
  • XPR6550
  • XPR6580
  • XPR7350
  • XPR7380
  • XPR7550
  • XPR7580

Our Guarantee

As with all our products, we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our 2-way radio earpieces. Wondering which radio earpiece is best for your needs? Contact our experienced customer service team today, and they will gladly help you with all your questions. We guarantee you will get the help you need quickly and never get sent to voicemail!

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