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3 Wire Surveillance Kits for Kenwood

3 wire surveillance kits have one wire for the earpiece, a second wire for a microphone that clips to your collar, and a third wire for a PTT button that runs down your sleeve. Since the 3 wire kit has separate parts for each piece it offers the highest sound quality and durability and is perfect for security.

Please select your Motorola radio model and the earpiece option you like such as d-loop, coil tube and ear hook.

Click here to see the difference between 1, 2 and 3 wire surveillance kit earpieces.

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  • RCA SK31NE-X11QD Surveillance Kit

    RCA SK31NE-X11QD Surveillance Kit

    Genuine RCA In-Ear Style Surveillance Kit | 3-Wire | IP56 Rating | X06 Hirose Quick Disconnect Connector with X11 QD Adapter for Kenwood Radios | 49 In Length
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