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With RCA’s Prodigi™ series professional digital two-way radios, you not only get better voice quality, greater channel capacity, and longer lasting battery life, you also get improved coverage and better functionality with additional applications. When instant communication is critical for your business, RCA’s Prodigi™ series will secure your success. Take advantage of these special promotional offers and let us help you immediately improve your work-related communications. You’ll reduce risk, improve productivity, and redefine your commitment to customer service. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade to professional digital two-way equipment, now is a perfect time. Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did. We promise!

$50 Instant Credit Program

$50 Instant Credit
Two-Way Radio Trade-In Program

Instant Trade-In Credit

- $50 instant credit
For a new RCA RDR2500

Call us: Call 800-895-5122 and ask about our $50 trade-in program.

Do you have old, broken, and dead radios laying around? Are you looking to transition your radios to digital?

Did you know that we can take those off your hands and give you instant credit with our $50 Instant Credit Program? No matter what radio you have or the condition the radio is in, you are eligible for trade-in credit.

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RCA two-way radios provide amazing durability, performance, and value. Whether you need enhanced communication for your school district, or improved audio quality for a construction project, RCA has a radio that will work for you all day long.

10% 6 Bank Bundles

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  1. RCA RDR2500 Special Bundle Save $350 at CheckOut

    Technology: DMR DIGITAL | Power: 5W | Warranty: 2 YEARS

    Best Value on the market! Reliable, Durable, Cost-Effective.
    For professionals who require cost-effective, reliable and easy to use radios to provide simple and efficient communication solution for a safer and more productive work environment.

    Key Features
    • Best Seller
    • DMR Digital & Analog Capability
    • Simple & Reliable

    Price: $1,376.00

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