Radio Package Discounts

  1. XR150U SXS6P 6-Bank Charger Special Package

    Technology: ANALOG | Power: 2W | Warranty: 2 YEARS

    The most compact business class radio you can get for this price!
    If you are currently using a XTN, CLS, RDX Series, CP110 or FreeTalk radio... the XR150 is the radio that you really want. When you upgrade to the XR150 we will program it to talk perfectly with your existing radios at no extra charge.



    Works with
    • Kenwood PKT-23
    • Motorola BC10
    • Motorola CLS1110
    • Motorola CLS1410
    • Motorola VL130
    • Motorola VL50
    • Motorola XU1100
    • Motorola XU2100
    Ideal for
    • Religious Institutions
    • Retail & Restaurants
    • Schools