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Radio Callboxes

Designed for parking garages, gated entrances, guard houses, etc.
These provide safety and security by allowing people without radios at remote locations to reach you on your portable two-way radios.

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  • CALLBOX D2500 Digital DMR Two-Way Radio Callbox

    CALLBOX D2500 Digital DMR Two-Way Radio Callbox

    If you need two-way radio voice communication at remote gates or doors ...or communication from a remote area of your facility, school campus or parking lot, a simple call for assistance from the RCA DMR Digital CallBox D2500 can go a long way in helping to solve a problem fast and efficiently. With its flexibility the CALLBOX D2500 can be used in a wide range of applications such as manufacturing, warehousing, construction, hotels and resorts, schools and colleges or simply at any remote location where communication option is of utmost importance for the safety and well being of students, visitors, customers and employees

    Price: $980.00


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  • RQX Q 1

    RQX Q 1

    The Ritron Q1 Series Callbox is available in UHF, VHF or license-free MURS versions with one channel and 154 interference eliminator codes. It has high-gain mic capability and a built-in speaker with high audio output to make it easy to hear in loud environments.


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  • RQX Q 7

    RQX Q 7

    The Ritron Q7 Callbox is more than just a two way radio in a box. It's equipped with a built-in relay control for long range, remote activation and control of gates and doors.


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  • RQX XD 7

    RQX XD 7

    The Ritron XD Callbox provides long range, 2-way communication and allows staff and visitors to communicate with your 2-way radio-equipped personnel from points near and far. The XD Callbox is available in UHF or VHF versions and deploys easily, no wires, trenching, or construction required.


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  • main

    Original Ritron RK-RQX-MB Replacement Mounting Bracket

    Replacement mounting brackets for Ritron Radio Call Boxes and PA Systems

    In stock : Ships within 24 Hours!

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  • RSS-100 Callbox Solar Power System

    RSS-100 Callbox Solar Power System

    Original Ritron Callbox Solar Power System

    Ships in 2 to 3 weeks

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