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More and more school districts are discovering the power of two-way radios for their campuses. Two-way radios provide schools immediate and reliable communication across the entire campus when you need to connect with a push of the button. There is no better equipment that two-way radios for locating a missing student or immediately informing security of an unauthorized campus breach. For more than 20 years, Discount Two-Way Radios has been the source of professional grade radios for thousands of K-12 grounds, high schools, and university campuses. Plus, as an approved vendor for most school districts, we can offer your school equipment at a fraction of the price of other brands. We help educational institutions stay connected with quality communications equipment, concierge-inspired service, and comprehensive support that improves day-to-day operations and helps protect students and faculty.

Our Services and Solutions

Portable Two-Way Radios for Schools

Portable Two-Way Radios
Wide selection of portable two-way radios from all major manufacturers and technologies ensuring that your school's communications and budget requirements are met. We are committed to help make our schools a safer place for our students, teachers and administrators.


Mobile Two-Way Radio for Schools

Mobile Two-Way Radios
Mobile Radios are ideal for school staff who operate security vehicles and school buses. They can help schools efficiently supervise bus loading and unloading, stay in touch with the drivers and track the buses while en-route ensuring staff and students safety.


Wireless safety call boxes for schools

Two-Way Radio Callboxes
Security is more than just Locked Doors. If you need access control or voice communication at remote area of the school campus a Call Boxes are the ideal solution to extend safety and security without trenching, paying monthly air-time fees or adding additional personnel.


Campus-Wide Radio Coverage
Increase the range of your two-way radios, eliminate “dead spots” and static transmissions. Our specialists will work with you to design a Complete, Reliable, Turnkey and Cost-Effective solution to provide Campus-Wide coverage with as little as possible effort on your side.



Wireless PA systems for schools

Wireless PA Systems
Ideal solution for school campuses allowing the use of portable, mobile two-way radios and base stations to deliver “live” voice messages through the PA improving communication, safety and security. Installs easily, virtually anywhere, no trenching and extensive wiring.


Megaphones for Schools

Perfect for large crowd communication when you need it most.

  • Sports Events and Assemblies
  • Bus Drop Offs and Pick Ups
  • Playground Control



RCA RDR2500 two-way radio
RDR2500 Portable Radio

Special School Discounts Available.
RCA BRM350D mobile two-way radio
BRM350D Mobile Radio

Special School Discounts Available.REQUEST A QUOTE

D2500 Digital Two-Way Radio CallBox

Special School Discounts Available.REQUEST A QUOTE

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“We needed radios that could connect all the campuses in our district. They were able to design the right communications system to fit our needs and our budget. The equipment we got was ready to go with just a few simple installations, and now these radios have become an important part of our school’s daily operations. With the push of a button we can instantly communicate with the schools and respond to the needs of the entire district.”

- James C. Miller, Director of Buildings and Maintenance, Irvington Community Schools, Indiana


"Thanks for repairing our broken radios so inexpensively after our Motorola dealer told us they couldn't be fixed. Having to purchase only 28 new radios instead of 37, helped us come in under budget. That's never happened with our radio budget before. Thanks for all your help. I'll be sure to tell every school in our district to do business with Discount Two-Way Radio."

- Jeff Albert, Curtis School, Los Angeles, CA

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