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Digital Two-Way Radios

digital vs analog two-way radios

Digital mobile radio (DMR) units offer some unique benefits over traditional analog two-way radios. While analog radios are still used in many applications, you may find that DMR is a better option, depending on your organization’s needs. Here at Discount Two-Way Radio, we carry a wide range of DMR products that offer outstanding durability, performance, and value.

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What’s the Difference Between an Analog and Digital Two-Way Radio?

What’s the difference between digital two-way radios and analog radios? For starters, digital radios have up to a 40 percent longer battery life than analog radios. They are simple and easy to use and also provide advanced features such as fleet management and emergency features.

In addition, with digital two-way radios, you can have two independent groups talking at once, on multiple frequencies, with only one repeater. With analog, you need at least two repeaters to get multiple frequencies.

Better Signal Strength

With digital processing power, digital two-way radios keep transmissions clear. Their digital signals are more effective broadcasting over wide ranges meaning that your radio is heard farther, clearer. With analog radios, coverage drops off significantly at the end of the signal zone which can cause spotty coverage and unreliable transmissions.

No Background Noise

With digital two-way radios, you have less static and little to no background noise when transmitting. This means that your important information gets transmitted faster and clearer without the confusing in-between.


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