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Intrinsically Safe Radios

Some potentially hazardous work environments require staff to use intrinsically safe radio equipment. Because radios are electrical by nature, there’s always a risk — minor as it may be — that they could spark or heat up enough to cause ignition. Intrinsically safe two-way radios are designed and housed in a way that eliminates that possibility and keeps workers safe from extraneous risk in hazardous conditions.

Read our article about Intrinsically Safe Radios to learn more about the details.

  1. RCA RDR4390 Intrinsically Safe DMR Digital Radio Package
    SGS Certified Intrinsically Safe Technology: DMR DIGITAL | Power: 3.5W | Warranty: 3 YEARS Best Value on the market! Reliable, Durable, Cost-Effective. For professionals who require cost-effective, reliable and easy to use radios to provide simple and efficient communication solution for a safer and more productive work environment.
    Key Features
    • DMR Digital Intrinsically Safe
    • Full Color Display & Keypad for Advanced Manger Features
    • Advanced Safety Features
    • DMR Tier III Trunking Options
    • GPS Integration Available
    Ideal for
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil, Gas Mining, Refineries

Common Applications for Intrinsically Safe Radios

There are three main classifications for potentially hazardous locations:

  • Class 1: Flammable vapors and gases
  • Class 2: Flammable dust
  • Class 3: Flammable fibers

Some common job sites that may be classified as hazardous include oil refineries, chemical plants, gas mains, coal mines, and utility companies, just to name a few. In some dangerous environments, even the tiniest static electricity spark can cause major problems, so using intrinsically safe radio gear is essential for maintaining safety. In addition, all of our intrinsically safe two-way radios include our industry-leading three-year warranty, ensuring that your team stays safe for years to come.

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