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Wi-Fi Two-Way Radios

Perfect for offices, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, or any other large building with WiFi infrastructure already in place, WiFi two-way radio equipment lets you communicate using your WiFi signal. That means there are no special FCC licenses required, and you can enjoy a vast coverage range without depending on repeaters.

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WiFi Two-Way Radios for Outstanding Sound Quality

Thanks to their wider frequency bandwidth and QoS priority packet delivery, WiFi handheld radios deliver crisp, clear communication that’s comparable to traditional telephones. As long as you’re within the range of your WiFi signal, you should have no problem hearing verbal transmissions anywhere in the building. Additionally, because communications are distributed across your IP network’s WLAN access points, expanding your WiFi two-way radio network is a breeze.

Exceptional Convenience

If you need to connect the whole team with no hassle or fuss, using WiFi two-way radio (such as the IP100H radio) is a great choice. The IP100H radio allows you to connect multiple simultaneous users at once so everyone is always on the same page. You can also keep your messages secure thanks to the wireless security protocols WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2 that encrypt your transmissions.

Expert Customer Assistance

If you’re not sure if a WiFi two-way radio system is the right choice for your organization, please call us. As industry veterans, we can recommend the right products to meet your unique needs and preferences. Our personalized sales team knows the ins and outs of WiFi handhelds, so feel free to use us your go-to resource anytime.

Budget-Friendly Radios

Here at Discount Two-Way Radio, we only sell top-quality products. Our prices are the lowest available on the market today, and all of our radios (WiFi handheld and beyond) include our industry-leading three-year warranty. We also offer some exciting exclusive promotions, so give us a call at 800-895-5122 or message us online to learn more. Shop now to save on durable, versatile WiFi two-way radio gear now.