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Custom Two-Way Radio Systems Design Services

We provide cost-effective complete communications solutions guaranteed to meet your needs, nothing less or more.

From single location repeater systems to county-wide emergency response systems, Discount Two-Way Radio’s systems design experts can help you meet your communication goals. Our specialists will work with you to not only design a system that will meet your communications needs, but will also save you real money over the competition.

Our Systems Design Experience Guarantees to You...

  • Easy, Fast and Simple Process - You don't have to have an extensive radio knowledge to obtain the right communications solutions for your organization. We will make it as simple as a walk in the park. We'll do all the work for you!
  • Reliable, Turnkey, Cost-Effective Solutions - We provide only complete two-way radio solutions, ready to use out of the box with as little as possible effort on your side. Our job doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied.
  • No Cost Overruns - We’ll work with you and stay within your budget.
  • Regular Contact and Status Updates - Our systems experts will contact you when promised and provide you with regular status updates!
  • Authorized Sales, Systems Design and Repair Service Center - We work only with the highest quality, original factory equipment and repair parts from most major two-way radio manufacturers, at the lowest prices.
Systems Design Case Study

Our Services and Solutions Include:


We carry Analog and Digital two-way radios and repeaters from most major manufacturers. Depending on your needs, requirements and budget we can provide you with the right solution and technology that is a perfect fit for your organization.

  • Analog
  • Digital DMR
  • Digital IDAS and NEXEDGE
  • Digital Project 25 (P25)


Multi-Site linked two-way radio systems

Looking for in-building or a single site radio coverage or multi-site, cross building, city-wide or county-wide coverage for your business operation or government agency. We have exactly what you need. We have over 17 years experience providing:

  • Conventional and Trunking Solutions
  • In-Band and Cross-Band Repeaters
  • Single and Multi-Site Systems


Your job takes you on the road often. Discount Two-Way Radio offers Plug and Play, Ready to go when you need it portable repeater solutions! Easy to deploy, pack and move from one place to another. Our portable repeater solutions are very convenient to use during emergency situations or at a temporary job-sites.

  • Public Safety and First Responders
  • Disaster Zones
  • Military
  • Rail Road
  • Construction Sites and Surveying Companies
Portable Two-Way Radio Repeater


Solar Powered Repeater Solutions

No power from the grid! Need communication coverage at a remote location for extended period of time? No problem, we got you covered. Our solar powered solutions are enclosed in a heavy duty, weather-proof outdoor enclosures and depending on your needs can be designed for permanent mount or temporary (movable) mount.

  • Complete Off-The-Grid Solutions
  • Can be mounted virtually anywhere
  • Gives you the coverage you need
  • Make live Public Announcements at a remote location simply by using your two-way radios


ROIP solutions are designed to enhance the communication coverage range of your two-way radios by using today's internet technology. This allows you to connect two or more remotely located and distant sites into a single two-way radio network.

  • Site-to-site radio communication over and IP network
  • Site-to-multi-site radio communication
  • Cross Band and Cross System connection
  • IP and Analog Telephone Interconnect
Two-Way Radio over IP Systems


Two-Way Radio GPS Tracking System

The GPS solutions provide you with the ability to track your people or fleet of vehicles using your two-way radio system. This allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to needs or incidents by knowing the location of your assets. It helps you protect your people and save their lives in case of emergency because ultimately you aren't tracking vehicles or radios you are tracking the people who use them.

  • Highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization
  • Different reporting modes based on user preference
  • Provides location reporting across the coverage area of your radio system


Give us a call today at 800-895-5122. Our Systems Experts will be happy to help design the a system tailored to your business and communications needs.